What causes us to react negatively?  Past habits… being on automatic… or missing an opportunity to examine our thinking and correct it.  This cycle of negativity continues until we move out of AGFLAP and being stuck.  By looking at our reactions, we have an opportunity to view a situation and respond lovingly or negatively.  Reacting negatively is only helpful as it allows us to recognize our feelings and expectations and see that we are creating our own negative experiences.  If we notice a pattern about wanting to change someone or something, we may find ourselves blaming, accusing or denying others for what they have or haven’t done, without realizing the way others act is directly related to our past decisions. Once we identify our programs running and release them, the negative behaviors in others begin to dissolve because we are no longer holding that limitation in mind.  Although sometimes we may find that after clearing program(s), we are still experiencing resistance towards a particular person or situation.  If this occurs, it is an indication that we have deeper levels of negativity related to the situation and we need to keep digging.  In order for us to get past the stuckness of the situation, we need to continue releasing our resistance and negativity.

Releasing allows us to identify when we are resisting.  Releasing shows us when we are reacting negatively, and also shows us our wanting to change someone or something.  Resistance and wanting to change reveals that Step #1 of the method is off.  By having a strong intention to release our non-loving feelings is what is necessary to get to the next level. It helps to give ourselves permission stating “I can get through this!  These are only feelings that are coming up to leave.”  We know that we are not our minds.  We are not our bodies.  We are not our egos.  We can’t change what has happened.  We can change how we feel and how we react towards these situations.

Each time we engage in “wanting to change” we are reacting negatively.  Anytime we are in AGFLAP or wanting approval, wanting control or wanting to be safe/secure, we are reacting negatively.  All of these feelings are non-loving.  By letting go of fear and disapproval of ourselves and of others allows us to release more negative feelings.  One of the most important things we can do to move past negativity is to work on letting go of pride.  When we work on the pride exercises, we are facing our ego and eliminating huge amounts of negativity.  “Pride is a hide,” that we keep from ourselves because we really don’t want to know what we have created.  Pride is the highest level of negativity and it is holding down all of the other feelings.  By working on the pride exercises on a regular basis, helps us to move towards positive and achieving our goals.  If you are stuck in an area of your life, in addition to wanting to change, chances are there is also a lot of pride surrounding that topic.  See for yourself by asking yourself, “What are you proud of?” in relation to your topic (health, wealth, relationships, or something else).  Keep asking the question until you are quieter.  Then move onto the second part of the pride exercise.  Ask yourself question #1 until you are complete about judging in regards to your topic.  Then do the same with question #2 and so forth.  By using the pride exercises to work on a specific topic will help you to move past being stuck.

Step #6, is such an important step as it states, “Each time we release we are happier and lighter.”  The non-loving feelings are limitations and the only things in the way of our being peaceful and all-loving.  Feelings will remain unless we keep up our momentum and keep moving past getting stuck.  You are making an enormous investment in yourself by knocking out the blocks of negativity.  Keep going!  There’s plenty of goodness available.  Be sure to give yourself approval for doing a tremendous job of moving towards positive.  Remember you are worthy of being happy as Happiness is our basic nature.