Lester 100th Anniversary CD sets are shipping now. Those who pre-ordered are getting theirs first, but there should be enough in this current batch so you can grab a copy now.

As you can see, the set is absolutely stunning (click the image for a larger view).

Lester Levenson 100th Anniversary CD Set

Read on for more details and a link to where you can now order online.

The set comes with 10 CD’s in a case that opens like a book. The ‘pages’ holding the CD’s are crystal clear. A clasp on the front secures the book when it’s closed.

The set contains a foldout booklet with pictures of Lester throughout his life, mixed with personal messages and quotes.

The pictures are quite fascinating. They include photos of Lester as a child and young adult. The impression I get is they remind me that Lester was an ordinary person, just like all of us. Any of us can achieve what he did.

As for what’s on the CD’s…

Well, if you’ve downloaded the samples, you’ve already had a taste of what’s in here. Let me tell you… it’s all fantastic stuff! Just like in Private Lessons With Lester, he gives it to you straight. There’s no question where he’s coming from and what it takes to get there yourself.

Here’s the link to order online: Lester 100th Anniversary CD’s

This hasn’t been advertised in the newsletter or by email yet, so you have a good chance of getting a copy right now.