When we identify with limited mind/body we are identifying with our desires, our wants, better put, the mind’s desires and wants. As we know, if we desire something we are saying we lack something. When we are wanting, desiring and in lack, we are suffering and in misery. Desires/wants agitate the mind. An agitated mind is a noisy mind. A noisy mind is an unhappy mind, a confused mind, a negative mind. The opposite is a quiet mind, a positive mind, a mind at peace.

Let’s begin by saying, each of us is, right now, at this very moment, always have been, always will be, whole, complete, perfect, eternal and unlimited. We have within us all the Love in the universe. We are that which we are seeking. We can choose to identify with the Self that we really are or we can deny it and we can identify with the limited mind/body. Identify means to have the conviction we are unlimited and eternal or limited and very finite.

We have developed the bad habit over time of identifying with that which we are not. What should surprise us is that we’re still so determined to hold on to identifying with the extremely limited body and mind.


Releasing is about letting go of that which keeps our mind noisy, that which keeps us in misery and suffering. The Release Technique® is about letting go of wanting, moving into having, quieting the mind and being positive and happy. The more we release, the less bothered we are by anything that happens.

Many of us are holding in mind bad moods and bad days. So, of course, the mind is creative and the mind gives us bad moods and bad days. We are pushed around by this and that external source. We have our desires, our wants, and when things out there don’t match with what we desire and want, it throws us into a tizzy. And, we’re in a bad mood again. We tell everyone who will hear us about our troubles, our sorrows, our miseries. Lester Levenson said that we’re supporting it when we do that. We feed that negativity with negativity, which is resistance. Which means, we are holding it in place.

The mind is fascinated when we’re negative. We’re in its grip. We have given our power over to something out there. Frequently, that something out there, does not even directly affect us. The stock market takes a dive, it throws us into fear and lack, for example. Even when something affects us directly, let’s say we lose our job, how does it help to roller coaster down into negativity?

Our world out there is set up very cleverly to set us free if we discriminate. The world, in all its many forms, throws things at us, often beginning when we wake up in the morning. We see our hair and it’s going in every direction and we know we’re stuck with it for the whole day. It decision time. Bad mood time, bad day time. OR, time to say, no mind, not this time, not anymore.

Remember, Happiness equals positive, love, success. When we decide to be positive, and it’s just a decision under any circumstance, we have at that moment switched our identifying from that limited mind/body to who and what we really are, to our real Self. If we continue making that decision we are continually dwelling in our very own Self. And, of course our picture wondrously changes.

Switching identification is as easy is as making a decision to be positive in spite of whatever is happening in the mind’s perception. Decide in favor of positive and have happiness, love, and success. In fact, you can have it all.

relief_02It’s only a decision. Why not make that decision right now?

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