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It’s important to realize you don’t ever really “create” your life in the way most people think.

The “life” you want ALREADY EXISTS: in the here and in the now. There is no time.
 That’s the illusion.
 There is only an infinite number of points of view from your mind continually “viewing” the SPACE of now. 
Wherever you are; whatever you’re doing—it’s ALWAYS NOW and NOW is ALWAYS “CONTAINED” in the SPACE OF NOW. And again, your life – right now—is contained in the SPACE OF NO. 
So if you want your life to be different—to be created anew—you only need to “make the SPACE” for the “thing” you want to come into your existence; to “appear” in your perceptual experience. Because if you are not allowing the SPACE for the thing you want to “appear” to you—there is NO SPACE for it to “appear” to you.

– Larry Crane