Our lives consist of beauty, joy and excitement.

Our lives also consist of challenges, obstacles and burdens.

And we like to hold onto what’s good. It doesn’t matter if the good happens to be something worldly or physical – a delicious meal, a financial boon, a wildly intimate experience with another person – or if it’s spiritual, becoming fully centered in this moment and experiencing a greater Truth of the Universe.

It’s natural for us to want more of what’s good (whatever that may be for us).

But to an equal degree we seek good, we reject the bad. We want to avoid challenges. We push away uncomfortable feelings. We do this consciously and we do it subconsciously.

Not only does this block our growth spiritually… and block our ability to have materially… it creates a missed opportunity.

You see, any challenge that faces us is actually a portal to higher consciousness. All the secrets of the Universe are literally just on the other side of that challenge or obstacle.

We totally miss it when we fight and struggle with the obstacle. It’s like the saying goes, we miss the forest for the trees.

Try this out for yourself:

Take a look at something that you see as an obstacle in your life, or a challenge which you have no answer for. Notice how you feel about it.

You probably have some sort of a “bleh” feeling somewhere. Or you have some mental story that kicks in, a rationalization in your mind about your relationship to this obstacle.

That’s a manifestation of your inner rejection, which can sometimes be deep seeded and rooted in place. But you are in charge of your feelings, no matter how deep they are. You take charge by exercising a simple decision.


This starts seeing your tendency to want to separate yourself as far as you can from that obstacle. Clearly you’ve wanted to separate yourself from it for a while, but have not eliminated it from your life. It’s still facing you.

Can you DECIDE NOW to let go of wanting to separate yourself from the obstacle?

After all, you have nothing to lose.

And let go of wanting separation from it even more, while you’re at it.

Now could you give yourself permission to have this obstacle? Could you allow yourself to be one with it?

And let yourself surrender to it. Again it’s just a decision. Imagine yourself moving towards the obstacle, open arms and open heart (if you find this difficult, go back to the earlier decision to let go of wanting to separate yourself).

And just surrender to it. Allow it to be, and allow yourself to be one with it.

Notice if you feel differently for doing so.

Here’s what happens: It doesn’t matter what the obstacle is… or how big it is. When you surrender to it, it just ‘magically’ disappears. Every time.

And what’s left is Truth. The Universe opens up, spontaneously, with understanding… stillness… abundance…


It’s so simple if you just do it (and it’s impossible if you don’t). Do this with every obstacle you face in life and you will quickly and delightfully enjoy all the goodness the Universe has to offer. It’s unlimited.