Problems are just a perception based on our feeling stuck, challenged, or in lack. So in actuality let’s say the problem is just an opportunity for us to see what we are holding in mind. By changing our focus towards what we really would like to achieve or experience, we begin to think from a different platform. We are also allowing ourself to let go of holding onto the problem and to work towards achieving and having a better result or experience.

When we apply love, at any time and for any reason, we are beginning to develop better self-esteem. Applying love also helps us to identify perceived problems of limitation could be stepping stones towards better outcomes. By identifying with a situation as having a possible or favorable consideration also helps us move towards being positive and taking positive action. Take a moment and see if past negative approaches (such as worry or anger) ever helped resolve any problem that caused you to feel stressed or burdened. Most likely, if we look realistically, when we are responding negatively–matters remained frustrating, awkward, or became more discouraging. Honestly In truth, anytime we apply love towards a problem, a particular person, or a relationship that we may be in conflict with, we are also sending these matters approval and acceptance. The more we send approval toward negative situations–things can begin to immediately change in a more peaceful and calm manner

When we are approving of ourself or others, we aren’t agitated like when we were worried, angered, or disapproving. We also aren’t anxious or disturbed. In order for us to be in a state of approval, we have to move up into higher energies such as courageousness, acceptance, and peace. By applying love and sending approval to areas of discomfort, we are in a sense bathing our problem or concern with positive energy. It’s as if we can almost feel ourself shifting towards a more positive attitude, just as we read these words. This is wonderful because we changed our focus away from the problem. We also noticed the immediate positive result that became available to us by holding in mind something other than negative images or comments. The problem began to lighten and is starting to resolve!

Negative or perceived problems cannot exist in the positive energy of love. LOVE dissolves negativity and has the power to realign matters peacefully. LOVE is the most positive energy in the world. Furthermore, anytime we move towards positive, our reality changes so that we can also begin feeling happier and lighter. Just by changing our focus towards having a positive resolution, instead of continuing to dwell on a having problem, also changes our perception.

Problems only seem really scary when they are energized by negativity. When we apply love, there are no problems—even for just a few seconds that we are contemplating moving away from the problem—the problem temporarily subsides. Negativity cannot exist in the positive energy of love. We can make the decision and choose to be positive. We begin by beginning to love ourself and also sending love toward matters that are causing us to feel uncomfortable. Or, we can choose to continue to acting and reacting negatively. After all, life is just a decision. And upon your decision, rests the pathway towards happiness, or the pathway towards continued aggravation.
In order for us to be happier, we must focus on having a better outcome; instead of continuing to hold onto limitations based on fear of being unsuccessful. Some things that may be helpful for us to make better decisions include:

* Taking time to review matters that help us identify what it is that we really would like to have or experience.
* It is also helpful for us to make decisions that are based on moving forward—calmly, and being successful.
* We can surely ask for help that is positive and constructive.
* We can also hold ourself accountable in having a “whatever it takes” attitude in achieving our goal.
* We can include giving ourself reasonable time considerations; while also positively holding in mind realistic expectations.

It is helpful to be reminded that positive decisions always help us to live more happily, be healthier, and to be able to enjoy wealth and abundance without fear or regret. Decide to face problems and issues by applying love. Try applying love to everything for one day, or one week, and see for yourself that perceived problems can begin to be resolved easily!

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