Whenever we use any of these words: Don’t…  Not…  No…  we are protecting ourselves with fear.  Other words such as:  Aren’t, doesn’t, isn’t…, wouldn’t, couldn’t, and shouldn’t, etc. are also creating limitations as the mind isn’t capable of processing these words because they also include the word “not.”  Lester Levenson explains to us, “If I say the word table, you get a picture of a table.  If I say the words, “not table,” you’ll still get an image of a table”.  Catch yourself “Don’t-ing… Not-ing… and No-ing…,” as these words are blind spots to the mind.  These limiting words are being interpreted by the mind as something you wish to create.  So if we hold in mind, “Don’t get sick,” we are instructing the mind to create sickness.  If we say, “Don’t tell me what to do!” we have unknowingly decided that others should tell us what to do.  If we say, “I hope that doesn’t happen to me…,” that thing that you are against is the very thing that you are creating for yourself to experience.  Why, because the mind is a creative instrument.  Lester also discusses the phrase, “Fear it, appear it!”  This phrase is also pointing out to us what we are holding in mind.  If we are in fear, we are pulling in thing(s) we are hoping to avoid.  Instead of using the word “Don’t” in relation to sickness get in the habit of saying, “I’m perfectly healthy!”  Instead of using phrases like, “I hope that doesn’t happen to me…,” notice you’re in fear and release the fear.  Move towards the fear by saying “Yes!” or “Not So Bad”. The funny thing about “Not so bad” is the mind doesn’t see the word not; it is seeing the words “So bad”.  We are therefore moving towards the resistance and undoing the fear.

Statements including the words: Don’t…  Not…  No…, are actually part of the same word and the same limiting energy.  In order for us to be safe at all times, we need to constantly monitor our thoughts and immediately catch it when we are using limited words in our thinking (speaking).  In choosing to be safe, we need to practice holding in mind that we are always safe.  Increase your awareness by constantly having a positive intention that things will work out peacefully and harmoniously.  Focus on safety in all situations.  It’s safe!  Everything is perfect!

Another thing that we do that contributes to protecting ourselves with fear is by escaping.  The fear is coming up to leave and we are troubled.  The apparent feeling coming up is one of being unsafe.  Again, we are moving away from being safe by running away.  Remember, the mind is only creative.  So in choosing to avoid facing the fear, we are again creating unwanted events to happen.  The dramas in our lives keep repeating themselves because we keep doing the same things over and over.  By avoiding fear, the aversion and the fear remain stuck within our subconscious, and continue to torment us. Any time we protect ourselves with fear, we are on automatic.   Let’s face reality; fear is unable of protecting you.  Worry, concern and doubt also fail to protect us.  And by using words such as, “Don’t…, Not…, and No,” we are actually focusing on being negative.  What we are holding in mind, is in the realm of fear.

If you have ever been around young children, you will know firsthand that one of the first words they use is in their vocabulary is the word “No!”  Simply because parents and family members frequently say things like, “No, you can’t go out!”  “No, you can’t stay up late!”  And, “No, you can’t go to the movies!”  By the time a child enters pre-school or kindergarten, they are experts in suppressing and in using the word “No!”  Then children move into the teenage years, and into adulthood, and have conditioned themselves to believe even further “No I can’t – be…, do…, or have…”  For the most part, we are still living in a fear-based reality because of the decisions we imposed on ourselves as children.  Most of us still believe as our parents’ taught us that their rules are the only way we can survive in this world.  And because the mind is creative, we get to be right.  We all have many programs running in relation to our doing or not doing things as dictated to us by our parents or teachers.  We are still learning to become independent of the limited thoughts that we created as children.  This is why it is so important to keep cleaning up on your relationships with your parents.  Because, “how we do everything, is how we do everything.  As we became parents, we reinforced the “No” patterns with our children that we learned from our parents.  Whatever comes out of your mouth, or pops up, is what you are holding in mind.  Listen to your conversations with your children and you will genuinely be surprised with the amount of negative and limiting thoughts that exist within your subconscious.  So in speaking to children, we continue to program ourselves because we don’t see these patterns running.  We teach children as we were taught, by being in fear and on automatic.  And most of the time, we aren’t aware that when we are telling the children, “No you can’t… we are also reinforcing this mindset to ourselves.

Things we have heard or experienced in relation to medical or legal situations is holding in mind fearful outcomes. This is a huge fear-factor that we all resist.  This dilemma occurs because we have very strong programs running on these subjects.  If family members or colleagues have experienced a particular situation resulting in medical a legal course of action, whatever they were told, they fearfully shared with us and anyone that would listen.  Whether we wanted to know or not, their fear, translates to our being in fear.  Think of a relative that had any medical condition and up comes your fear.  Think of someone that had an issue with an attorney or tax advisor and up comes more fear.  We have all unknowingly created unhealthy states in health, finances, and relationships based on information related to medical and legal circumstances, because we were protecting ourselves with fear by thinking, “Oh, I hope something like that doesn’t happen to me.”

We have also done the same thing as a result of watching TV, reading newspapers, and magazines.  If you engage in these activities, you are creating more fear for yourself.  The media’s job is to communicate information to the public; apparently discriminating isn’t part of their job description.  Because reporters, columnists, daytime and evening soap-opera characters speak in a frantic state, they are bombarding us with information expressed in fear; causing us to feel fearful. Most television programs are disturbing, violent, and extremely negative.  Many programs involve medical or legal context to some extent – so in watching these programs we are being exposed to fear on a monumental scale.  Then we watch commercials that further assaults sense of well-being.  And we wonder why we are so fearful.   Panic, worry, and anxiety generated by the media is creating more panic, worry and anxiety.  Nothing positive comes from negative.  Our mind eats negativity for dinner and the mind is only creative.  In watching TV, we are unknowingly programming ourselves with an extensive list of medical diagnoses and/or legal judgments.  Fear-based reality keeps us from being peaceful.

Fear is desperately wanting approval, wanting control, and most definitely wanting to be safe.  Fear is wanting to figure-out what to do or what not to do.  The fact that we keep spinning and looking for the answers, literally keeps us further stuck in fear.  The mind keeps telling us it doesn’t know what to do.  Trust this and move on.  Fear is being on automatic.  It’s allowing your ego to run you.  Fear isn’t in charge.  If you ask the fear if it’s in charge, it will clearly tell you, “No, the fear isn’t in charge!”  The fear is coming up to leave.  Fear doesn’t know how to fix or protect you because it is only a feeling.  Instead of fighting with the fear, simply ask the fear, “Would you like to leave?” Wait a moment, and after you get a response, please tell the fear, “I love you, and I give you permission to leave.”  No other action is required.  The fear will easily leave because it knows it is not in charge and that it doesn’t belong suppressed inside of us.

Medicating fear with over-the-counter or pharmacy products is counterproductive as we are protecting fear with fear.  First of all, medication causes us to feel uncomfortable and therefore makes it even more difficult for us to think clearly.  Instead of facing the fear by releasing, we are medicating the fear in hopes it will go away.  Chemicals contained within pills or capsules aren’t capable of keeping you safe.  Pills cannot undo your thinking.  One thing you can be certain is that chemicals create unwanted side affects which will negatively impact your life.  By choosing to medicate your fear, you are also creating more fear and the cycle continues.  Each time we protect ourselves with fear, we are hosting a victory for our ego.

In order to be safe we need to diligently let go of holding onto fear.  We need to get bigger than the fear.  Practice letting go of protecting yourself with fear by releasing and being in CAP.  In an effort to undo the fearful thoughts, we need to be in a higher energetic state.  Make a decision to corner your fear as it shows up.  Choose to overcome your limitations.  Hold in mind only what you want.  See your Self as unlimited.  You are whole, perfect and complete.  Gain mastery over fear by identifying with beingness and enjoy having a wonderful and peaceful life.