Something quite interesting happened at a traffic light.

Let’s see if it’s interesting to you.

First though, a strange detour on this subject of traffic lights. Actually it’s not so strange. Traffic lights can be quite helpful.  You’ve noticed that, haven’t you?

Before coming to the Release Technique, when one of those lights turned red, and sometimes stayed red for what seemed like forever, being in such a hurry, and thinking I was so very important, I became quite annoyed, quite agitated, quite stressed out. Quite nuts.

(Side note: No fun being a ‘noid, is it?)

By and by, I found out it’s a decision when that light turns red. We can automatically pull out our AGFLAP tools and play them like a crazy person. That’s what I used to do. (not as often anymore) Or we can use that red light, those red-hot feelings, release, let go of the wanting control, and be in a place of peace and relaxation.

I finally saw—admittedly it took awhile— when the light turns red, and all the feelings come zooming up, what I’m seeing is resistance. Lester said, “Use all for releasing.”  There’s no better time than when that light turns red and you have somewhere you’re supposed to be in 10 minutes. Let go of the feeling—resistance— and whichever want; wanting control?

More and more, as I used red lights and traffic for releasing, I saw it was my picture out there in freeway-land. When traffic is piled-up and I let go of resisting, suddenly it’s as if the Red Sea parts. Traffic opens up. It’s not magic. It’s releasing. You’ve probably experienced that too. If not, give it a try. It really works!

Now. The quite interesting happening.

I’m stopped at a traffic light. A car on each side. It’s a beautiful day. All three of us have our windows down all the way.  The woman on the right has her radio tuned into a loud and wacky sounding talk show. Heads jerk. What’s she listening to? To the left, the man’s radio is also blasting away, tuned into a different, nutty, noisy talk show. Both radios, quacking-away like wounded ducks.

I broadcast disapproval in their direction. Oh yeah. A lot of disapproval. My radio isn’t turned on. It’s seldom turned on. I’m way better than them. The voice in my head says, “People love voices. They  love noise.”  (Deep into pride, wasn’t I?)

At that moment, I knew. I had to turn all of that toward me and ask myself, “Do I love loud and rowdy voices playing in my head?”

Of course I do. The answer has to be yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t have people on either side of me at a traffic light blaring loud, raucous voices. What is it about these voices, this noise some of us are so attached to?  For one thing, we take instructions from those voices, those thoughts. We listen to them. We obey them. We do what they tell us to do.

It’s not an indictment. It began the day we blinked open our eyes. We heard the voice. We began to heed its commands. The voice must know. We better do what it tells us. Check this out. See if you agree. We’re fascinated by those voices, that noise. We’re enthralled by all of it —that psycho movie we’re running. We’re spellbound by that noise. Many of us are totally hypnotized by that mind talk. Few of us realize what’s happening. We semi-consciously just go along with the voices. Called “being on automatic.”

Is that the way to happiness?  Is it happiness to be controlled, to be run by voices in your mind?  In the Release Technique we learn the discriminating question. “How does it help me?” How do all those voices, playing night and day in your mind, help you?

We listen to talk radio. We listen to songs with lyrics that play over and over in our mind. We watch TV news. Worse yet, TV commercials. We listen to the talking heads. We go to movies and replay all that dialogue. We tune into the voices in our head. We tune into teachers, and preachers, all sorts of voices we carry around with us from the past. We listen to people around us chat, or should we say blabber?  All of it, nothing but noise. Check out the next chatterbox in your vicinity. See if it’s anything but empty noise spewing out. Watch all the voices you give your attention to everyday.

“So what?”  Is anyone asking that? The, so what is that, we’re unconsciously living in voice land. They’re coming at us from every direction. We’re not living here, Now. We’re living in the past where the voices come from.

The “so what” is a decision.

How many voices do I need playing in my mind?

May I answer simply for all of us?

None.  That’s exactly how many we need. None. Zero.

Again let’s ask ourselves the discriminating question. “How does all that noise help me?” It’s clear, isn’t it? We must quiet those voices. Happiness is a mind with no voices.  Not even one.

What happens when you invite people over and lavishly entertain them? You laugh with them. You play games with them. You have fun with them. You enjoy each other’s company. They can’t wait to be invited back, right?  In fact, some of them show up even when they’re not invited. When they come back, you entertain them so more. And they keep coming back. Staying longer each time. After awhile you couldn’t get rid of them if you wanted to, could you?

It seems rude, but what if you totally ignored those so-called guests? What if you didn’t answer the door when they knocked? What if you went into another room, and paid absolutely no attention to them? What if you snuck out the back door when they came to the front door? How fun would that be for them?

After awhile, those “guests” would stop appearing on your doorstep, wouldn’t they? They would lose interest in hanging out with you, right?

Same with the unwanted guests called voices in your mind. Entertain them, play with them, give them your attention, “friend them,” and they stick like glue. They keep showing up on your mind’s doorstep again and again. Have you noticed that?

What’s the answer?

Turn your mental direction. Turn your mental attention. Turn your awareness away from those voices. Abandon your fascination with pandemonium.

Discriminate. Watch what’s going on in your mind all the time? Be on the outlook 24/7.  Catch each of those voices. Catch them one by one.

Turn away from the voices, the thoughts, the noise. Drop the wants attached to those voices.  Wanting control, security, approval. See what it is for you. Let them go. Turn your awareness in the direction of the quiet place, the dwelling place of the Infinite Self.

Surrender all that noise. Surrender one voice, one thought at a time, until they’re all gone and there is only silence.

Allow the silence to speak.

And be under the guidance of the sacred Spirit.