Real gains from the Release Technique Goals & Resistance Course



I’ve been plodding through the Goals & Resistance Course since June or July of last year and finally finished all of the audios and Releasing exercises. I’m proud to say I’ve had many gains:

Financial: Received $240, over $6,000 in savings and over $28,000 in cash by releasing only. I also increased my personal income in one of my businesses by 60% which is well over $100,000. I had tried for over a decade to get this business to $100,000 and it didn’t happen until now. I attribute that to letting go of a great deal of resistance to a number of things.

Relationships: Worked things out with my wife and we decided to stay together. We’re releasing together now. I’m also catching myself more often when I’m unloving, releasing the negativity and giving approval to others and myself.

Health: Working out again, eating less and eating better.

I’m finally seeing reactive patterns of feeling and thinking and letting go in the moment. I have a greater intent for freedom rather than for the world. I’m letting go before making decisions and taking actions. I’m taking responsibility more for both the good and the “bad” and seeing how it’s all in my mind.

My biggest gain has been giving myself approval for longer and longer periods of time. As a result, I’m just being more and more; and things right themselves without any ego involvement on my part. It’s a tremendous experience to simply love myself, other people, and the circumstances I come across.


John “Angel “Anghelache