“Rethinking possible” begins with a winning attitude. If we don’t think something is possible, we get to be right; each and every time. If we have a doubt, it is magnified in our ego and becomes what we are focusing our attention on. And this doubt will be what we create. Ever had a toothache…No matter what you were doing, your attention kept going back to the issue with the tooth.  Well by releasing, we now know that we can focus on the solution or resolution to any situation. As our attention is drawn back to the hypothetical toothache, or situation we are currently facing, we are actually digging up deeper levels of dissatisfaction, negativity and wanting/lacking.

If we are not reaching our goals there are blocks in place. Mental blocks such as “I can’t”, “It’s too scary” or “What if things don’t work out?” Well these fears are certainly not helping us resolve anything. It’s time to “Rethinking Possible.” Right in this moment we can decide that we can let go of wanting to be right. We can let go of wanting to change anything. We can decide to be in acceptance and challenge ourselves to be positive at all times.

“Rethinking Possible” means we can FINALLY stop settling. Ok, for just this moment, “Is it possible to have enough?” “Is it possible to be exactly as we are right now in this moment?” And, “Is it possible to just enjoy being our self?” If you answered YES to these questions, you instantly changed your picture from “I can’t!” Your responses indicated, without a doubt, that you are ready to “Rethink Possible.”

By changing our thoughts, we are changing our pictures, and therefore freeing ourselves of limitations in thinking “it’s not possible…” Just in our thinking, for one-second, that something is not possible, we feel ourselves moving away from “I CAN!” Catch this and remind yourself that you are in charge! “Rethinking Possible” is opposite of what we have been doing or holding onto. Instead of our thinking and reinforcing “I can’t,” let’s turn the page and begin believing “It’s possible!”

Seeing things…anything, “as possible” is our seeing from the viewpoint of acceptance. By accepting “It’s possible, it truly becomes possible – with no effort. we now know that if we change our thinking, we can be more focused on achieving our goal(s). Our path seems lighter and brighter. Our resistance seems less. Our need to control seems ridiculous, as it is now possible to see things without attaching resistance.  By coming from the goal, instead of coming from wanting, we see that “Yes it is possible to achieve our goals!”

Prove it to yourself! It’s possible…

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