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June 5 – 11, 2022

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Back after a 2-year absence… and taking place at Sedona Mago (“Lester’s Spiritual Home”)…

This One-of-a-Kind Releasing “Haven” Retreat…

…is the perfect place to relax… release deeper than you ever have before… and awaken to the Unlimited Power within you
This is your chance to do the in-person Sedona retreat… where you will go right to the heart – the essence – of how Lester Levenson released all the way to ultimate freedom…

Imagine if you had — within you — an Unlimited Power that transcends all limitations.

Imagine you had — within you — an Unlimited Power that can “free you” from all problems. Even seemingly unsolvable problems.

Imagine you had — within you — the Unlimited Power to deliberately create great abundance in all areas of your life.

Well, guess what?

You do.

You absolutely do.

And if you were to put the feeling of this awakened Power into words, you might say…

It Feels Like Having A “Glowing Ball” Of Vibrant Energy… Radiating Within You

It’s a palpable juicy feeling welling up from the core of your Being.

It is a feeling of TOTAL completeness that cannot be obtained from any external event.

It is an Aliveness within you that once “tasted,” you will never want to be without.

Of course, words alone can never do justice to the feeling of this Unlimited Power (this Pure Love).

But it IS possible for you to experience it directly

Just By Releasing DEEPLY ENOUGH To Awaken The Power Within

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We would like to help you do the Deep Release work required to experience the Unlimited Power (Pure Love) within you at Sedona Mago (Lester Levenson’s “spiritual home”)

Moreover, we would like to show you how it’s possible for you to experience living daily life from the feeling of this Unlimited Power.

We would be so honored to do so.

Because we know that once you have awakened and accessed this Unlimited Power within – you will go forward in life living day-by-day as the best version of yourself.

You simply feel happier.


Fulfilled. (More fulfilled than you’ve ever felt before).

And it can all happen rather quickly.

It just requires your willingness to go DEEP on releasing.

Only through DEEP, DEEP, DEEP releasing can you “reach” far enough inside to awaken the Unlimited Power within.

Frankly, this level of DEEP releasing is probably not something you can complete on your own.

For the vast majority of people, it requires dedicated assistance from an experienced releasing teacher.

More specifically:

It requires the loving assistance of an experienced releasing teacher who will be there with you to “take you all the way” through layers of “unseen” limitations.

It is what is required.

Because only by releasing through layers of unconscious limitation… can you reach deep enough into your Beingness to awaken your Unlimited Power.

If you are willing to let experienced releasing teachers take you through this DEEP releasing work…

It Is THE Most Liberating & Freeing “Journey” You Can Take In This Lifetime

It truly is a life-transforming experience.

It opens you up to experience greater joy and abundance in all areas of your life.

It also allows Life itself to flow freely – so there is no more struggling or suffering to contend with.

All sense of struggle simply ENDS.

If you like the sound of that…

And if you really are ready and willing to receive the help necessary to release down through your unconscious limitations… to awaken the Unlimited Power within you…


The 7-Step Final Step Retreat Is “Precision-Made” For You

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Back after a 2-year absence…

The Final Step Retreat is the next live and in-person retreat. 

It is taking place at Sedona Mago, in Arizona — the “Spiritual home of Lester Levenson” (this is where Lester Levenson lived after he discovered the Ultimate Truth). 

You will be doing the retreat in the pristine land of Sedona, Arizona; surrounded by red rocks, Native American ruins and mountains.

There’s a deeply spiritual and “comforting” quality to the land and environment at Sedona Mago.

Even if you just spent a few days at Sedona Mago doing nothing, you’d get the calming and spiritually satiating effect of the place itself.

It’s almost as if the land “speaks” to your inner Being.

And many say they can feel the presence of Lester, just as if he is there in person, welcoming them into Unlimited Freedom.

Of course, you will be here with like-minded people at the Final Step Retreat…

…all the while taking in the breath-taking scenery and tranquil surroundings that nurture the awakening process into inner stillness.

Together we will visit Lester’s house (that still exists) and stand close to the simple memorial where Lester’s body lies at rest on this beautiful ranch.

We will also visit the Healing Garden and Lake. Beautifully landscaped, surrounded by trees, flowers and aromatic herbs, it is a haven for wild birds that fly free.

There is also an outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi surrounded by dramatic vistas that your eyes can get lost in – majestic red rock formations and stunning starlight shows at night above.

Sedona Mago (“Lester’s Spiritual Home”) is the perfect place to release and awaken to the Unlimited Power within.

And when you do awaken the Unlimited Power within…

Your “Future” Becomes a Very Exciting Place

This is because – once awakened — your Unlimited Power “goes out ahead of you in life” — creating perfect situations to exist for you.

For example:

When Unlimited Power is awakened in you — you will always seem to meet just the right people you need to meet for what is going on in your life…

Or you’ll be introduced to just the right person who can help you… (maybe they’ll provide you with a wonderful opportunity, or they’ll invite you to something that will benefit you, or offer you a job, or want to mentor you, or help you out in some other way that is deeply important to you).

These seemingly random “lucky” experiences will happen more and more often in your life.

You’ll probably remember reading these very sentences when you keep find yourself in just the right places at just the right times and life is working out perfectly for you.

It won’t be long before you notice it, and you’ll think…

“Ha, I get it now, this is what living from Unlimited Power is like.”

It is by far and away, the BEST way to live.

It makes the living experience, totally effortless.

There’s no stress.

No anguish.

No agitation.

Instead, every action you take is intuitive and spontaneous… and POWERFUL…

That is the way Lester Levenson lived his life once he’d released to the point of awakening his Unlimited Power.

Although, it wasn’t really “his” (personalized) Unlimited Power.

It is the Unlimited Power that is ever available to every human being on the planet. Even you!


There is nothing you need to first add to your life to experience this Unlimited Power and all the joy that accrues from it.

The ONLY thing you need to do to awaken it and experience it flowing through your Life…

…is to release DEEP down through the layers of limitations that are held in your Being.

This, remember, exactly what we can help you to do (safely and at your “own pace”) at the upcoming Final Step Retreat.

It is at this in-person retreat where you will go right to the heart – the essence – of how Lester Levenson released all the way to ultimate freedom… and lived out the rest of his life from the Unlimited Power within.

It is the most marvelous awakening process there is.

Because when you release all the way down to awakening the Unlimited Power within – here’s what you can expect to happen…

Sedona Founded 1902
Sedona Photos

You’ll Directly Experience The UNLIMITED FREEDOM That Lester Levenson Encouraged Us All To Experience In This Lifetime…

It’s all there for the taking…

All that’s required is a willingness to go DEEP on releasing – just as you will do (with in-person expert guidance) at the Final Step Retreat.

Come and experience the type of gains these people have already experienced simply by awakening the Unlimited Power within…

Joy Spilling Out…

“The Retreat is truly the marvel of life. I am a skeptical person (or I was!) and I didn’t think the course would do much for me, but now I am a believer – actually I know that this course is the key to happiness with no sorrow. Right now, I feel absolutely joyous – it’s spilling out of me – and it’s for the best reason, which is no reason at all. I’d like to thank you for your everlasting patience, love and givenness that Lester shared with us.” – Foster B. Massachusetts.

Here’s how Carrie describes her experience:

Experiences Total Shift In Consciousness

“My consciousness is shifting from wanting to having more and more every day. I’ve been having more experiences of knowing I’ll always have money and I’ll always be taken care of by Beingness [the source of Unlimited Power within]. Money just keeps showing up for me, and I keep allowing all possibilities and let go of any wanting control.” – Carrie, Oregon.

Larry S from California released to awaken the Unlimited Power within and received a HUGE breakthrough:

$75,000 Per Month…

“…I attended the live Retreat. I was totally broke and had difficulty making a living. I kept using The Release Technique and now I’m making $75,000 per month and going up each month.” – Larry S. South Gate, California.

Levi from New York also released to awaken the Unlimited Power within, and here’s what he reported:

Feeling Much More Imperturbable…

“Received $3,500 this week… Feeling much more imperturbable about my goals and life… More peace and easy-going environment at work every day no matter what’s going on in my surroundings.” – Levi, New York.

And here’s Mary’s experience after releasing to awaken the Unlimited Power within:

Receives Unexpected Several Thousand Dollars

“Last week I got a contract for several thousand dollars that was unexpected… In addition, it is just great to have this new outlook on what is possible in life, and a practice that deepens my ability to embrace it. Many thanks and appreciation to all the teachers and staff that help make this possible.” – Mary, Arizona.

Now it’s your time to release and awaken the Unlimited Power within.

Which you can do by being on the Final Step Retreat that’s taking place in Sedona Mago, Arizona (June 5 – 11, 2022).

Please however be aware that places at Sedona Mago are limited by the capacity of the retreat center –

And reservations will go on a first-come, first-served basis –

So, if you are at the place in your life where you’re now ready to experience the “fullness” of the Unlimited Power within — please do book your reservation(s) at the earliest opportunity to avoid missing out on a place.

We would love to see you and enjoy time with you at Sedona Mago.


The Release Technique Team

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Retreat Details


Sedona sits approximately 125 miles north of Phoenix, 40 miles south of Flagstaff, and 2 hours and 20 minutes south of the Grand Canyon. Sedona Mago Retreat is located 16 miles southwest of Sedona, Arizona between Sedona and Cottonwood.

June 5 - 11, 2022

Registration for the retreat begins at 7pm with the first meeting at 7:30pm.

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*** VERY IMPORTANT *** Do not use your GPS. Follow directions on the Sedona Mago Retreat website. The Sedona Mago Retreat Center has very specific travel instructions for getting to the Retreat. Please make sure to carefully follow the travel instructions provided especially if you will be using a GPS.

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