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Virtual Final Step RETREAt

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May 23 – 29, 2020


The Ultimate Virtual Course


(Just as Lester Levenson encouraged us all to do)​

With all the uncertainty and instability going on in the world…

You aren’t alone if you sometimes have pictures going through your mind of catching the coronavirus and getting sick.

Or have anxious thoughts and feelings about the possibility of losing a job or a business.

Most people are experiencing some heightened level of fear and worry because at the moment, it’s unknown.

Yet most people are doing their best to suppress or escape their anxious thoughts and the fear sensations they trigger.

That’s because the fears and anxiety being stirred up by the world’s current events…

Are All Tied In With The FEAR OF DYING

Which is the ULTIMATE FEAR.

You may not immediately recognize you have a “fear of dying” (survival) program running in you. 

Especially if you’re moderately young and healthy.

But take a closer look and see if you have any sense of worry about what you would call your sense of a “me.”

If you have any thoughts or feelings along the lines of… What’s going to happen to ME!?”

That’s the FEAR OF DYING program being triggered right there.

And we don’t like it. Not one bit.

That’s why most people try to ignore it or pretend it’s not there…

Or, instead try to distract themselves from it — by watching Netflix, drinking a beer, or zoning out scrolling through Facebook.

But the FEAR OF DYING program goes on running “in the background” (causing constant background anxiety) wasting energy, controlling and limiting your innate happiness and freedom. 

The FEAR OF DYING program is always there “in you” by the way.

It’s just that now — with all the uncertainty, the sound of sirens, and the life threatening warnings being given out on the newsfeeds all the time — the FEAR OF DYING is flaring up in people like it never has before.

But here’s the thing:

From the perspective of Releasing, having the the FEAR OF DYING programming come up so prominently into your awareness is…

The Ultimate Blessing

Know why?

Because it gives you the rare opportunity to Release the deepest feelings and programs that are survival patterns  accumulated from the past.

Think about it…

If there was no sense of survival…




You would finally KNOW (from direct experience) that you are ONENESS.

One with Everything.

And that equates to you being…

Eternally Satisfied...

You finally SEE the Truth (as Lester did).

You get to live with complete freedom without fear.

And, don’t worry, you still get to keep your mind and body (they’re not going to vanish)

You get to direct your life from the place of freedom and…

You Get to Experience Life as One Big PLAYGROUND

Life becomes so magical then.

Impossibilities turn into possibilities.

And instead of the world (and all the restrictions and problems in it) being a MASTER over you…

You Get To Experience Being A MASTER Over The World

This is what Lester Levenson encouraged us all to discover for ourselves.

This is what Lester meant by “Going All The Way.”

“Going All The Way” is ONLY POSSIBLE when you let go of the FEAR OF DYING Programming.

Most people will never do it.

But you can.

There has NEVER been a better time. We are afforded a great opportunity by the world as it is at the moment. The World is doing its best to trigger our FEAR OF DYING programming.

The World is actually assisting us to go Free (FEAR OF DYING is coming up anyway so let’s let it all go once and for all).

All it takes is a deep willingness to do it.

And the appropriate support and real-time assistance to get it done. Which is now available to a select number of people in the VIRTUAL FINAL STEP RETREAT (via teleconference) starting May 23rd to May 29th.

We Challenge You to Take the Final Step to Mastering Life

It may not seem like it at the moment…

And definitely not to the mind…

But, Life is just a game.

And the VIRTUAL FINAL STEP RETREAT is the Final Step to MASTERING (the Game of) LIFE.

During the VIRTUAL FINAL STEP RETREAT we will show you how to live Lester’s secrets to having total freedom.

We will go even deeper than we have ever gone. That is why we are calling this Brand NEW Retreat the Final Step!

You will let go of the subconscious blocks that have been holding you back from experiencing freedom.

We will help you to actually experience just what freedom is.

You’ll not only master Lester’s success secrets you need to create the life you’ve always dreamed of…

You will also directly experience how to apply Lester’s mastery secrets to your own life when you join us on the VIRTUAL FINAL STEP RETREAT.

Finally make the decision to have all your highest goals and wishes!

Start creating your dream life.

Challenged yourself to go for your highest dreams.

  • To have abundance in every way.
  • To live in a world of having instead of wanting (and never getting).
  • To have the peace of mind you deserve, to feel safe all the time, no matter what happens around you or in the world.
  • To be in love all the time.
  • To be radiantly healthy once and for all.
  • To have all the wealth to use, in whatever way you choose.

Places are limited on the VIRTUAL FINAL STEP RETREAT Tele-Course

(so please be quick to avoid disappointment getting onto the VIRTUAL FINAL STEP RETREAT)



“The Release Technique has brought me all the peace and love I could have ever imagined. This thing I call my life is more fulfilling in every area.

Last night I released anger-fear-resentment that had been there for 39 years I had no idea this event was still in my body hurting me all these years. Heat, tears, anger, grief, sadness moved through and out. Wow the garbage just life, this was part of an original program playing out over and over. A) I lose B) I lose – now there is nothing id change, peace with the past!

The most impactful release has been my chronic disapproval of my husband, wanting to change him. This does not work and never did. We lived a constant push – pull dynamic. As I’ve stopped disapproving and just love him because he is the way he is. Everything changed. His heart opened and we are experiencing greater love, joy and bliss than I know was possible.

I am free of needing to control others and allow them to be the way they are and just love them. This is profound and as I felt before it was my job to change others and the world thinking it would make the world a better place. I was wrong.” - Shivani Grail


“I have let go of being offended and blaming – 2 huge things! This alone has gotten rid of landfills of garbage; meaning anger and hatred! I love people more and more for absolutely no reason! I am gradually seeing more people as my equal and am judging less and less. This has been so freeing. It’s really difficult to put into words. My relationship with my son has been more respectful and loving. I have let go of the need to mother him. I have also lost weight – about 12/15lbs.” - Susan


“My Momentum is back, and the minor emphasized it. My commitment to step one is solidly in place and I see the need to keep repeating it with each release.” -Pete Youell

Lester Levenson

A Message from Lester

Everyone is experiencing his or her infinite and unlimited Beingness every moment of one’s life. That which is not is sought for, but not that which is obvious. In other words, that which appears is sought for, but not that which exists.

To think is not your real nature. Your real nature is to be. The natural free state is the ultimate goal. That is to be with no thinking. No thinking happens when there are no more feelings; i.e., no more AGFLAP and CAP.

The essence of your self is only awareness or consciousness. When the ego dominates it, your consciousness functions as the reasoning, thinking or sensing faculty. When you are totally released, you identify with your beingness only. You are intuitive with no thinking. You begin with dissatisfaction. With dissatisfaction you are always restless and seeking. Releasing undoes the dissatisfaction. When you are totally released, you are eternally satisfied. You will never stop your agitated state of dissatisfaction until you are totally released and constantly satisfied. This is the sense of fulfillment. This is the ultimate state.

You do not acquire happiness; your basic nature is happiness. You simply remove the unhappiness, the AGFLAP and CAP.

Lester Levenson Signature




“Finally I really know what beingness is. It is just feeling free inside, experience lightness in the body and being happy, and having gratitude and love for the world. My body changed a lot and I saw that resistance to people made my eyes unclear. As I was letting go of this out of the control feeling my eyes got cleared I see the world and people even clearer than I could thought it could be. When I am breathing it is just like fresh air is coming through my nose without having any kind of effort. My body is straight without doing anything I realized that as I was letting go of a lot of fear especially fear of showing up and to beautiful men. My mind got quiet and I have answers when I need them. I am just grateful to be in this world and have a very clear intuition. I can look at people, love them and just be happy. I never experienced so much love to myself, to other people and the world, I just feel complete awake and free.” - Pia Rennhack


“The main personal goal was to let go of the nagging loneliness I lived for 25 years. Goal achieved! No smoke 8 days – I smoked pack plus 30 yrs. No drinking alcohol. I drank since forever . Relationship wound healed lasted 1 yr. 2 mo. (the pain!) Haven’t taken BLD Pressure meds for 6 days, I feel good! I didn’t die! Had awareness of my mind talk to me. Had clear awareness of my mind program and “I.” Had incredible release session with people who were helpful and wonderful. I no longer feel alone my anxiety is gone. Didn’t even have to think to get $5,180 package. Found the benefit of six steps. Danny explained to me things I wondered about for years! All the teachers were kind and patient. My intention to experience imperturbability is achieved! Larry was beyond incredible. I healed a massive headache in 5 minutes. The real gains are about to take place but I don’t know what they are. I realized it’s actually harder not to work than to work. There was someone here who I thought couldn’t stand me. He never smiled when I tried to talk to him and I sent him love for a whole day. I happened to sit down next to him – when he got up to get water he asked me if I wanted a glass – that was big-real big!” - Andrew Schoenfeld


“I was able to release many tendrils connected with my health challenges many of them I had never associated with my current issues.

I was able to transfer my experience of “beingness” from a small space within me to the waves of love I experience around me and through me. The other was much more difficult to maintain while this one is easy to maintain on an ongoing basis.

Digestion system has worked properly all week. This is not always the case.” - Pat Price


“I felt so much joy it was hard to contain I had to go for a walk. My big gain was to be here with others like-minded people who have a quiet mind most of the time.” - Noah Yoder


“I experienced deep peace and silence. My relationship turned from “I’m leaven you” to “I love you” She is becoming more and more lovable and loving as I release. My team was approved by USA swimming while on the retreat. I got a call for 5 more swimmers to join the team during the retreat. My greatest gain was the releasing digging deeper exercise, which chipped off the part of my persona blocking me from seeing reality. I can see, actually see, my eyes, my vision the light of God shining in things it’s like an acid trip.” - S.E.


“A major intention I had for this retreat was to be desireless. I am more and more in that direction having a quieter mind and being more in my beingness. I was able to catch myself most at the time trying to figure things out and let it go immediately as I notice it. I am leaving this retreat with greater sense at quiet, and deeper love towards myself and others.” - G.M.


“During this retreat, I experienced a deeper awareness of Beingess and I also experienced a clear decision to be imperturbable (I thought I had already made that decision, but this experience was very clearly a real decision).

I was able to connect with partners to really release on a much deeper level than ever before. I worked with Richard on my program and I saw that I was still wanting control and was able to release wanting to figure out the next chapter of my life.

I appreciated Larry and the teachers supporting the releasing my husband and I both have to do to move forward in clarity and harmony. So that I can truly live as a loving being all in all – I feel like I gained clarity by dumping tons of garbage. Loved it – and am filled with deep gratitude.” - B.O.

Places are limited on the VIRTUAL FINAL STEP RETREAT Tele-Course

(so please be quick to avoid disappointment getting onto the VIRTUAL FINAL STEP RETREAT)

Go all the way with a powerful group of releasers worldwide. Be there to share in their gains as well as have your own gains. Be there to experience unprecedented energy and momentum.

Join Us to Celebrate Your Freedom and Cross the Finish Line at the Final Step Retreat


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