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September 3 – 9, 2018








At Rosen Shingle Creek

in Orlando, Florida

Are you really serious about experiencing a massive amount of Abundance into your life

where everything naturally and effortlessly “comes your way” for the mere thought of it – then you need to…

Take the next step with The Millionaire Mindset Boot Camp. Here’s why…

Because goals are extremely important! I always begin the teaching with a bold statement: “Every person who had taken the Goals & Resistance Course found that the course never cost them one dime.”

How can I make such a bold statement?

I’ll prove it!

At a recent 7-Day Retreat in Sedona I asked the 100 attendees how many of them had $100 or more by Releasing ONLY. Every person who has taken the Goals & Resistance Course raised their hand.


When I asked how many attendees had made $1,000 or more by Releasing ONLY, again nearly EVERY single person who had taken the Goals & Resistance Course raised their hand.

Then I asked who made $10,000 or more, $25,000 or more, $100,000 or more, $500,000 or more, $1,000,000 or more and dozens of people raised their hands and we calculated it to be over $50 MILLION made by Releasing ONLY in the room. It hit me like a ton of bricks, I noticed that the ones that kept getting their goals and had raised their hands were the most SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY people. This new system, in addition to the Goals & Resistance Course, moved the successful graduates to get their goals even faster and easier and it will do the same for you!

You’ll have the personal power and ability to have and do whatever you want on demand!!

The question that I always ask myself is, Why doesn’t everyone do it and how can I get YOU to get the same big results?

About the same time, I also noticed that my most successful students who took the Financial Freedom & Lifestyle Teleconferences created goal… after goal… after goal effortlessly and not only did it fast and most importantly they followed exactly the pro- cess that Lester created to the “Tee.” So we coined it “The Millionaire Mindset Boot Camp Goal System.”

Now, for the first time, you can learn from us exactly “how to use The Millionaire Mindset Boot Camp Goal System.”


  • Lester created all his goals instantly and was happy all the time.
  • Lester always said that everybody can do it.
  • Lester always said “It’s easy if you do it and impossible if you don’t do it.”
  • All the top students were using this very same system.


So, I “introduced” this (Lesterize process) in the next 7-day Retreats and Teleconferences, and like clockwork, those who copied it exactly got the same results. In less that one week the results were absolutely amazing.

Now the whole group was mesmerized and wanted it. They asked me to create an entire Retreat based on using this system.

And, this The Millionaire Mindset Boot Camp is AMAZINGLY POWERFUL AND EASY TO USE!! It will show you how to deal with ALL of your goals.

Here’s what attendees are experiencing…

Income Almost Doubles

“My average gross income for the month of March is normally less than $5,000. My gross income for March 2014 will exceed $90,000.”

Bill Gagnon

$250,000 Happens

“I keep going and going with releasing and today my new hire showed me a catering account that is $250,000 a year and appears to be ours for the taking. Wonders never cease.”

Joan Oliver

Significant Gain in One Week

“I have achieved the beginning of my goal to allow others to easily take care of my money and to grow it as I have a new manager and I like what he is doing and had a significant financial gain on Friday. I have dropped the belief that money is a big responsibility and burden.”

Suzanne McNitt

Now you have to ask yourself the most important question…

How would your life be like if you could learn a complete system that teaches you how to create ALL of your goals and not just some? The difference between what the average releasers do and the releasers who have huge breakthroughs do became very obvious. Based on our observations we created this course that will teach everybody the same simple steps that have created results for the super achievers.

Life is a Decision

Now, ask yourself, am I prepared to invest a few dollars in myself – and live the life I’ve always wanted?

Remember, you can decide to be a “slave” to the mental viruses or decide to dump them once and for all!!

And, this Retreat is not just about money… let me emphasize that this Retreat is about getting ALL YOUR GOALS.

Let me make it easy for you – If someone gave you $5,000, would you give them $2,180 (your cost for this retreat)? Of course you would, right?

Imagine, you actually make money while you attend this Retreat – that is AMAZING!

If I’ve piqued your interest – If you want to start attracting ALL of your goals right away – If you absolutely, positively want to learn the same techniques that Lester used to attract everything, then you need to sign up right now!

During these 7 days you’ll discover how to “erase” the Biggest (most insidious) stumbling block to Having, Being and Doing WHATEVER you really want in your life…with a system we have rarely shown to anyone before.

See, when you can “let go” of, and dump all of your stumbling blocks within you…

YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER… so FAST… you’ll wonder what happened!

And when you do, you’ll discover how, by simply dropping your mental viruses and “getting out of your own way”… ALL YOUR GOALS WILL COME TO YOU for the mere effortless thought of it.

For example:

Money will show up in your life. An unexpected opportunity will fall into your lap. A person will come into your life to help you through a “sticky patch” in your life… or to simply add love, fun and laughter to your life, and so on.

All this… AND MORE – will happen for you by attending The Millionaire Mindset Boot Camp.

Why am I offering you to learn how to be financially succsessful? Because the more graduates who become successful, the more the method will go out to the world.

Will Life Pass You By Because You’re Afraid To Act?

So let’s get clear right now.

1. Right now, imagine – your business or career has taken off. You’ve doubled your income and your time off. You have more time for your family and for everything you love to do. You enjoy great health, great relationships and your financial future is secure. Even better, you know how to create success out of thin air, anywhere and anytime because you’ve already done just that… several times over, in every area of your life. How would you feel? How much is that worth?

2. Now, imagine yourself 5 years from now… really imagine it… right now. The year is 2022. You’re still sitting at the same job, with the same boss. Your income is still the same. Or, your business is still barely getting by. You still work 16 hour days all too often. Your health is no better or perhaps worse.

Now – compare the two and notice which one feels better? The positive one, correct?

The Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel is a beautiful AAA Four Diamond Luxury hotel set on 230 lush acres located in the heart of Orlando and only 10-minutes away from the Orlando International Airport.

To see what Rosen Shingle Creek looks like,

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Retreat Details


Rosen Shingle Creek
9939 Universal Blvd., Orlando, Florida 32819


September 3 – 9, 2018

Registration for the retreat begins at 7pm with the first meeting at 7:30pm.


Register Today and pay only$2,180

for this ENTIRE RETREAT PACKAGE which includes room and board and three fabulous meals per day, double occupancy.


Shuttle Service

Transportation from the Orlando International Airport is available for Under $20/person, each way from Super Shuttle.