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Virtual Wealth & Wisdom Retreat

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November 8 - 14, 2020


Stuck? Frustrated by COVID restrictions? Feel incapable of having the life you really want?


Tap-Into "Invisible Supply" and Keep Receiving One Miraculous Life Experience After Another...

This "Invisible Supply" of Life is an Infinite Intelligence that puts aliveness and abundance into everything it touches... even when everything looks hopeless and lost in these times of the Covid-pandemic!

What follows gives you a second chance at life - TAKE IT...

OK, first, try this quick imagination game:

Picture your life exactly how you’d want it to be.

Really get a picture of it in your mind.

See the things you’d be doing each day.

Think about the money you’d really like to have in your bank account.

See how you would look. How you would dress. How you would be in the world.

What would you drive?

Where would you travel to?

What type of people would you like to be around each day?

Allow your imagination to run away with itself…

See yourself as you want to be.

Really enjoy all the images that come to mind.

If you want to, take a moment to close your eyes and REALLY immerse yourself in the imagination of it all.

Go on. Close your eyes and enjoy it.

Feel the energy of it in your body for as long as you want.

Done it?

Feels good doesn’t it?

Now a question:

Why don't you already have the life you just imagined?

Only YOU could have imagined it just the way you did.

Your imagination is unique to YOU.

Nobody else in the world could have imagined it just the way you did.

Why is that?

Know why?

It’s because you have within you the POWER to actually experience your imagination in your day-to-day life.

"Something" inside of you is showing you what your life COULD be like.

Your imagination is the “preview,” if you like, of your highest and best life.

You were BORN to live your highest and best life.

Think on that for a moment.

Your unique imagination is “showing you” what your life really could be like.

So why don’t you actually have a day-to-day life that “matches up” with your imagination?

You probably have lots of good answers to that.

Maybe you’d say…

“It’s just not realistic…”


“I just never had the opportunities…”


“I don’t know the right people…”


“It’s all just imagination… it’s not the real world… the real world doesn’t work like that…”

All valid reasons.

But think on this:

All those reasons appear to you as THOUGHTS.



Really grasp that.

Because it is these THOUGHTS (that seem so real) that are the only reason your life is the way it is at the moment.

It’s ONLY YOUR THOUGHTS (which “surface” as your automatic behaviors, tendencies, compulsions, feelings, beliefs, programs and actions) that are preventing you from living the life you just imagined.

A question:

Ever find yourself doing things you know are at-odds with what you really want, or be in life? Yet you find yourself repeating those behaviors anyway?

If so, that’s because… 

Your outlook on life and your behavior are being "driven" by a tangled-web of unconscious THOUGHTS that don't best serve you.

A tightly woven tangled-web of unconscious THOUGHTS.

See throughout your life, countless circumstances (and people) have pushed thousands of thoughts into your mind about what you can and cannot do.

Your mind has absorbed all those thoughts and those thoughts have “knotted” and hardened into unconscious beliefs and programs.

Worst of all, some of those beliefs and programs are so “hidden” from your awareness that you’ve taken them as absolute FACT.

But they are NOT absolute fact.

You can choose to release yourself from the limitations of your unconscious THOUGHTS, BELIEFS and PROGRAMS.

And you know what?

This choice to release yourself from the limitations of your unconscious THOUGHTS, BELIEFS and PROGRAMS…

Is the greatest LIBERATION that exists in life.

To choose to liberate yourself from unconscious limitations is the wisest action any human being can take.

It is the effortless-action that leads to MORE success, happiness and abundance than ANYTHING else you can do.

By contrast… You already know where your outward efforting-action has got you…

t’s got you to exactly where you are in life. And if you’re not happy with that…

You NOW have a choice.

A very simple choice.

CHOICE A: Carry on as you are allowing your tangled-web of unconscious limitations to run your life unchecked… keeping you stuck… and…

Making it more and more difficult for you to EVER live the kind of life you really desire.


CHOICE B: Do the wisest thing any person can ever do… which is…

Choose to RELEASE yourself from the limitations of your unconscious limitations.

This is the wisest choice for a very simple reason:

Unconscious Thoughts are the ONLY REAL PROBLEM in your life.

If your life is not working the way you want it to — it’s only because you’ve been unconsciously following your THOUGHTS.

Unconscious thoughts — which then get “knotted” together into beliefs and programs — have led you to where you are in life.

Which is actually good news. Because…

There is nothing inherently wrong with you as a person.

You don’t need to “improve” yourself in any way.

You don’t need to have more qualifications or anything like that.

ALL you need to do to have your life match up with the life you imagined a moment ago is to RELEASE yourself from the limitations of your UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHTS.


And you know what will happen if you do just that?

And only that?

The wonderful answer is that by simply RELEASING yourself from the limitations of your UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHTS….

You'll finally tap-into the "Invisible Supply" of Life itself

This “Invisible Supply” is an Infinite Intelligence that puts aliveness and abundance into everything it touches.
It is the very well-spring of Life itself.
It wants to express itself through you.
It wants to give you everything you desire – everything you just imagined.
It’s waiting to overflow your life with abundance….
With wealth…
With success…
With happiness…
With good health…
With a renewed aliveness…
With EVERYTHING you want in life.


7-Day Virtual Wealth & Wisdom Retreat

The 7-Day Virtual Wealth & Wisdom Retreat is just about the FASTEST WAY to release yourself from the UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHTS that are blocking greater wealth and abundance from entering your life.

During the virtual retreat you will experience a whole new way of seeing things.
You will open the way for NEW solutions and possibilities to come into your life… 
Miraculous solutions and possibilities you could never conceive of before.
Doesn’t matter if you feel completely broken by life at the moment…
Doesn’t matter if you feel incapable of ever changing your life for the better…

None of that matters.

Because once you release yourself from the limitations of your unconscious thoughts and tap-into “Invisible Supply” — you’ll naturally and automatically start RECEIVING wonderful experiences into your life that will make you fall in love with life all over again.

Put simply, throughout the 7-Days of the Virtual Wealth & Wisdom Retreat… 

You're being offered a second chance to have a life that you LOVE - TAKE IT!

During the 7-Days of the Virtual Wealth & Wisdom Retreat...

  • We’ll take you through a special process that will instantly connect you with your Unlimited WEALTH & WISDOM so you can see, taste, smell, feel, and KNOW the difference between your pure unconditioned state, and the limited automatic state of your mind. You’re going to see, without any doubt whatsoever, that you are the owner and operator of your mind, your body, and your world.
  • Once you’ve reconnected with the Real part of you (the owner and operator), you’ll begin to examine how your past choices have created the illusion that you lack power now. You’ll see the EXACT choices you’ve made, so you can now turn those choices upside down and neutralize them.
  • We’re going to show you how to ERASE past traumas and failures in your life, so you no longer hold yourself back in fear, doubt, and hesitation. All of the negative circumstances that have weighed you down your entire life will be lifted, so you can finally breathe fresh air and seize the day with clarity, courage, and confidence.
  • We’ll show you how to go even DEEPER into your past decisions, which have created strong, unshakable belief systems that now leave you feeling disempowered.No matter how strong the belief, we’re going to show you how to knock it down so you are free to have it your way.
  • You’ll finally gain clarity on how your ego-mind has been scaring you into submission. You’ll pull back the curtain, uncovering “the great lie.”Just like in the movie “The Wizard of Oz” where Toto locates the less-than-wonderful wizard working the controls of his machines from behind a curtain, you’ll laugh as you realize that there has NEVER been any threat to your existence. Your greatest fears will be REMOVED, and you’ll be free to go back home in bliss and abundance!
  • You’ll finally gain clarity on how your ego-mind has been scaring you into submission. You’ll pull back the curtain, uncovering “the great lie.”Just like in the movie “The Wizard of Oz” where Toto locates the less-than-wonderful wizard working the controls of his machines from behind a curtain, you’ll laugh as you realize that there has NEVER been any threat to your existence. Your greatest fears will be REMOVED, and you’ll be free to go back home in bliss and abundance!
  • Now’s the time to explore the unlimitedness within, and identify the REAL YOU. And once you do, the sky’s the limit! You’ll experience true mastery over your mind. You can quiet it, or have it operate to do YOUR bidding.You’ll see with no uncertainty just how powerful you are in your consciousness. You’ll begin to demonstrate (incredible) things you never dreamed possible.
  • Now every thing is your choice. You’re in charge. You’re free to rest in your Beingness (with no pressure from your mind) and be HAPPY with absolutely no sorrow whatsoever. And you’ll have no holdbacks to have, do, and be whatever you wish.



“I was able to identify my early childhood memories that led to my problem of “if they find out my true self, they will hunt me down and kill me” I let the story and the program go after releasing with Larry. Released on my body injuries throughout the retreat and all pain went away. I saw that my attachment to being separate was just a story in my mind that came from childhood events/stories. The small group work with the teachers was fantastic the teachers are incredible. Thank you Larry and teachers!” - Marty Paulson

$17,000 GAIN

“I just make everything beautiful and call that my life. Have received an unexpected $17,000. Digging deeper, feelings greater peace and serenity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” - Wes McPherson


“This has helped me in discriminating.

When Ramana Maharshi was trying to explain something to an inquisitor and the inquisitor basically said that that would keep one going in circles, Ramana says to him: ‘It is the ego that raises such difficulties, creating obstacles, and then suffers from the perplexities of apparent paradoxes.’

This has helped put the habit of the mind, that wants to figure things out, in sharp relief. Whenever there is the proverbial and quizzical ‘but’ I am reminded of this quote. The mind is keen on showing us ‘apparent paradoxes.’ In the past I figured that those were important to resolve. Now, especially with better tools of discrimination, it is very transparent that it is nothing more than superfluous gyrations of the mind. From which can only come distraction and suffering. So much easier to let go when we see the silliness of such attempts.” - Dennis Ray


“Saw and let go of and disappeared several early childhood stories. Each was 100% connected to exactly what was going on in that moment, the thing I was releasing about. One of those stories was buried so deeply that I had forgotten it. But it too was still pulling the strings of my actions and feelings today.

There was hundreds of things that are now gone, all just feelings that were nothing to being with. I had a lot of resistance to being in the 2nd small teacher circle for 2 1⁄2 hours. It felt like Chinese water torture. I got so hootless that time disappeared and I only vaguely knew where I was. Let go of disliking of aging.

So peaceful and calm. I really feel imperturbable no matter what comes up. Started out comparing myself to others. Now just see everyone thought loving eyes.” - A.A.


“I have had many very powerful insights and gains, I feel this has been the most powerful retreat I’ve been too. My most profound and memorable has been in relation to my addictive tendencies – and allowed me to own my feelings and behavior. Being responsible is very powerful. It is far better to be in charge them to be as a victim. Talk is one thing – being is another.” - Pete Youell


“Let go of tremendous amount of limiting feelings and I feel extremely happier, lighter and freer. My job extended my employment 5 month although other co-workers are being laid off. Feeling totally free and happy about my life in all aspects totally. Perfect flight and accommodations for this weekend’s class.” - Levi McLeod


“Greater sense of peace. Less or little worry. My business is making money with little effort. My relationships are closer than ever and support me in life. My health is vital, and I almost never get sick.” - J.D.


“Each retreat gets better and I’m able to dig deeper to bring up my negative programs and my garbage. Since I’ve been releasing my life has been transformed. People pull me aside and ask me if I’m in love! In a manner of speaking, I am. Releasing teaches you to love yourself completely. When you learn this you are able to love everyone else as well. It is an amazing experience! I’ve let go of my fear about my child which makes me a much more loving mother. My previous gains include going off my medications. This enabled me to feel alive again. I’ve also lost weight. I am accepting of people and life with much less ‘trying to control.’ One of the biggest gains is falling in to a program that has an amazing support system. There’s nothing like it. Larry and the teachers are always willing to help if you become stuck. The 90 Day Program is a must. The momentum creates miracles! I highly recommend Releasing to everyone.” - Susan Blumberg


“As usual the last day has brought the deepest of realizations. The ‘Fear of Leaving’ vanished, ‘Living’ has expanded beyond this physical ‘living’ to eternal living, here and now and beyond, Attachments and aversions to living has disappeared! I AM FREE…” - Eloise Murtaugh

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With this course there is no need to travel anywhere. If you have a phone or a connection to Internet, you are all set to go!

Usually, people pay thousands of dollars for this kind of mentoring especially since we’re actually going to personally work with each of you on this teleconference for a full 7 days.

In order to participate, your discounted tuition for attending is just $990.

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We will be broadcasting the live event each day for 8 hours.
Each day is filled with a variety of different releasing exercises to keep you digging out, bringing up and constantly letting go of deep subconscious programs. You’ll experience an expansive state of deep, tranquility and quiet throughout each day as the retreat goes deeper and deeper. Ultimately revealing the Totally Unlimited, Infinite Being that resides within.
The entire event will be recorded and the replays for each session will be available to you. So you will not miss a thing!

Dates & Times

Event time zone is Pacific Time (PDT).

Here is a convenient time converter:

Sunday, November 8 — 7:30am – 4:30pm
Monday, November 9 — 7:30am – 4:30pm
Tuesday, November 10 — 7:30am – 4:30pm
Wednesday, November 11 — 7:30am – 4:30pm
Thursday, November 12 — 7:30am – 4:30pm
Friday, November 13 — 7:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday, November 14 — 7:30am – 11:30am
* 90-minute lunch break 11:30pm - 1:00pm, Saturday - Friday

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