JULY 5 – 13, 2020

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Most people spend their entire life imprisoned within the confines of their own thoughts.

Every thought is like a brick, stacked layer upon layer, creating an all-surrounding wall that obscures the infinite, limitless horizons that lie beyond.

And each thought adds another brick to the wall, stacking it higher and deeper until you’re encased in an impenetrable cell.

Now is the time to break free and celebrate your new liberated life!

Take the “sledgehammer of awareness” and pummel that wall to dust. Liberate yourself from the age long tendencies and past conditioning that have kept you mesmerized by the mind’s skewed sense of reality.

If you ever find yourself…


  • Lost in thought, out of sync and off-tune, so you see yourself missing out on the big opportunities in your life.
  • Depressed, anxious, and burdened by problems, where life feels like an endless battle of putting out fires.
  • Bored and constantly on the hunt for something to entertain you and take your mind off that nagging sense of unease and restlessness.
  • Unhappy and unsatisfied with the circumstances of your life.

… then NOW is the time to go beyond the narrow, mind-made conditioning and discover the beauty, love, creativity, joy and inner peace that arise from beyond the mind.

As soon as you strike out and EXPERIENCE what lies beyond the mind, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve, and life begins to flow with joy and ease.

And you’ll achieve this experience at the 9-Day Ultimate Self-Mastery Retreat. Experience the joy of just BEING!

The Self-Mastery Retreat is a 9 day journey to realizing how to live your life in the “free state”.


  • You’re going to get a handle on compulsive thinking, so you can take back control over your mind and have it perform powerfully to your will.
  • With exquisite new exercises, you’ll get a first-hand experience of what it’s like to exist is a place of stillness (for longer and longer periods of time). You’ll quickly grasp what it takes to move out of the conditioned mind and connect with your True Being.
  • You’ll break through the fight or flight response behavior of the mind, so you can easily feel courageous and confident in yourself, without the need to resist and fight, nor run and hide. You’ll understand the simplicity of personal empowerment.
  • You’ll discover how true intelligence comes from beyond the mind, and learn how to CREATE from a place of self-mastery. You’ll gain a new trust in your relationship with quiet, knowing that creativity and solutions to problems are immediately at hand.
  • You get full access to the Release Technique teachers throughout an entire weekend.
  • Totally let go of placing demands on the world so that every situation, person, or thing in your life becomes not only satisfying but also more harmonious, more peaceful, and more abundant. You’ll be achieving a major breakthrough in self-realization, knowing who you are beyond the old limited self.
  • You’ll see that all troubles are only an apparency. You’ll discover first-hand how everything you see in the world is only in your mind. There’s nothing but your consciousness; nothing can be seen except through your consciousness. Now, you’ll be able to change your consciousness and by so doing, change your environment.
  • Have the feeling of “letting things happen.” You’ll accomplish this by practicing letting the ego-sense go. You’ll experience ‘getting out of the way’ and let Self or God operate. You’ll learn how to move in life like never before. You’ll sort of float through things, but there will be no effort.
  • You’ll connect with the world in a whole new way: oneness with the consciousness that pervades the entire universe. You can now be present, alert, aware in every situation life brings to you. All of your life will feel like a joyful, effortless game of succeeding and expanding to greater and greater heights!


We have reserved 9 days at the beautiful Hotel NH in Nunspeet, Netherlands.

The course begins Sunday July 5, 2020, registration for the retreat begins at 7pm with the first meeting at 7:30pm. (Dinner is at 6pm). We will end the course Monday, July 13 at 12pm.

This spacious Conference Center is set in acres of woodland countryside. Deep peace…serenity…a sense of awe for the beauty of this secluded Conference Center—all who visit here feel it. You can’t miss it! All your senses awaken. It is the quiet that makes this Conference Center the perfect place to learn these proven methods of generating unbelievable wealth and health.

You can also take advantage of the fitness center, steam room. All rooms have a view of the wooded surroundings.

Early Bird Special – If you today the tuition is only $1,895 (US Dollars) plus room and board. Please contact the hotel for room rates.

To see the magic of what the Hotel NH Veluwe Sparrenhorst looks like visit:

This course is for anyone that wants freedom from the negativity of the mind!

Hotel NH Veluwe Sparrenhorst has its own shuttle service to and from the railway station Nunspeet. Guests can use this service by paying a small fee. The trip needs to be booked at least 24 hours in advance. For information and reservations please contact the hotel.

Room registration is now open by calling Hotel NH Veluwe Sparrenhorst at +1 212 219 7607 if you are making a room reservation for a single or double room. When booking a double room, indicate your roommate’s name upon registration.

If you prefer to reserve the room online, you can do so by following the link bellow.

Click here to Reserve your room today.


“The mind is nothing but the sum-total of all thoughts and all thoughts are concepts of limitation. That which we think—we create. That which we hold in mind—we sustain. That which we let go of in mind—we dissolve.”

“To think is not your real nature. Your real nature is to be. The natural free state is the ultimate goal. That is to be with no thinking. No thinking happens when there are no more feelings”

“The world is an out-projecting of the mind. When we realize this, we can change the projected picture.”

“Habits of thought are latent tendencies and are the greatest enemy to realization. They are most stubborn and adamant. However, they must be let go of if one wants to realize the Self.”

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Lester Levenson



“I own a stock that hasn’t moved in a long time. At the retreat it went up and I made $50,000. My aunt died the Thursday before the retreat. I came home to find out they will be skipping her generation in the estate settlement and going to the next generation—which I am in. So I will be inheriting some money in the next couple of weeks.But more, and most importantly, is my clear and clearer resolve for imperturbability. I had this amaz- ing awareness of how perfect my life is for going for it. I don’t have children, I have a loving husband who lets me do my thing, I have a good paying job, I really don’t have any real problems. I am so much clearer that this is actually possible and doable.” - Jan Hammond


“I benefitted tremendously from being around Larry and the teachers and wonderful insightful releas- ers from all over the world. Learning from them, resonating with them, being uplifted from working with them, increasing the momentum and depth of my releasing ability. There were 100 people together and sometimes the way Larry led things brought up some deep stuff from me which I was able to release and feel much lighter for it. ON the third or fourth day of the retreat, I experienced a great release of wanting approval. It didn’t last, but it showed me what is possible. I am now releasing in an amazing place.” - Yael Shimoni


“I drove the last 30 miles to Albuquerque on empty. I can finally discriminate between ego and being- ness. I allow myself to choose beingness. I could allow myself to have peace and I let go of the fight. I allowed my butt to be comfortable as the chair. The muscles in my shoulders and neck are looser. My walk is lighter. I am continually happier. I found my ‘never give up’ and am able to embrace it as my own and go forward.” - Dia Vale


“While at the retreat I had several outstanding deals and projects that I previously was trying to chase after, that have just fallen into place effortlessly.” - Stephen Krempl


“On the way back to Mississippi, I heard from others there were tornado warnings for the area we were headed. I wasn’t concerned as warnings are frequent and the travel time was an excellent way to continually release. The last time there was a devastating tornado, the damage stopped almost on my property line. I was gifted with a fantastic light show out the window for the majority of the plane ride and we arrived right before a strong downpour. Through releasing, the rain slowed to a sprinkle and though I got wet, I felt it was a gift. By the time I reached the country roads, about 20 miles from where I live, there was a dense intermittent fog when it was pitch-black on barely visible roads (on a clear night)! I just kept releasing. Soon, I reached heavy debris: huge limbs, leaves and twigs. I began to witness the releasing and avoided trees that partly covered the road and then it suddenly cleared – no more debris. The gravel roads to my property showed very little remnants of the storm. I was thanking nature for the storms, then thanking Lester and you and the Technique, when I heard, ‘You can thank us by being your true self’. As I recognize and release even more programs, I am remaining more in Beingness. I feel lighter and more my true self every day and every moment.” - Anne Swayze


“I finally let of of some of the resistance and fear I was feeling about being high and realized I truly did know I could let go of lots of resistance and fear. I was able to put my thoughts to bed and have the best sleep in a long time. I go clarity on issues back home and clarity on my goals and became hootless about them. I finally got clarity on quieting the chatter in my mind.” - Sheila Miller


“During this retreat, my health improved and I feel much lighter. It was great to see old friends and make new ones. It was great to be back on the ranch after 20 years. Lester’s memorial was very nice. I am looking forward to more retreats.” - Carroll Hicks


“After attending the Lester’s Way Retreat in Sedona, I feel more peaceful and loving. I also feel like I have rediscovered a part of me that I never thought I’d be able to access again. I feel more hopeful again, which is tremendous as I was in a state of near helplessness before the retreat. I’m leaving this event feeling far more expansive than I have in a while and I believe again that I truly am love.” - Angela McClaine


“I learned more about what is running me – my master program and many other programs. I can see now the low hanging fruit. I will harvest it and the fruit that will come after as well. The realization that we are one was a gain.” - Heinze Nonnenmacher


“This was the best retreat ever – the place, the energy, the releasing magic. For the first time I felt very deeply, the ‘I am You’ feeling with others. I had a much deeper connection with everyone and everything. From the third day, I started to see lots of angels in the retreat hall and that all who were in the retreat are also angels. I am now happy no matter what and I am much more loving. I released lots of fears and now it feels much more possible to stay in the USA legally. During the entire retreat, I felt a strong connection with Lester.” - Tadas Rakauskas


“I feel like I love my problem since working with Larry. It’s like there are no problems. I saw that I had a lot of hatred and that it was directed at myself, so I killed my ego and now there is a lot of love and acceptance there. I also learned that I need to do the ‘Can It Get Any Better’ exercise. This has helped me a lot – allow it to expand and then ask the deep stuff to come up. I also learned to identify even more with beingness and to focus on love and grace. I released on demonstration and was able to really see and feel my beingness and was in bliss all day. I kept letting go to see if it got better and better.” - Sheyrl Garrison


“I learned that sleepiness is caused by suppressing feelings. During the first four days at the retreat, I could hardly stay awake. This improved after the fourth day. I took the course for the first time 12 years ago, I’ve attended about five 7-Day Retreats and three weekend classes. I had only been using the Release Technique to solve short-term problems like where to find something that was lost. After gaining a substantial amount of money, I came back to become a good steward of my money, only to rediscover the importance of this course. I feel imperturbable – enough to go back home and meet with my business partner without going into AGFLAP.” - Georgie Molinksy


Let go of the subconscious blocks that have been holding you back from experiencing freedom. We will help you dissolve misconceptions you may have about freedom and show you how to actually experience just what freedom is, so that you will be able to acquire literally anything you wish at will.

You’ll not only master Lester’s success secrets you need to create the life you’ve always dreamed of – but also through the experience you will learn how to rapidly apply these techniques to your own life.
You will leave with this positive, life changing knowledge.

While this may sound like a bold statement, it’s one I am confident in making. Why? Because Lester’s Techniques always work.

You simply have to put them to work for you.

Take this opportunity to realize for yourself that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, and that all the things that truly matter – beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace – come from the REAL YOU.

Join us and experience awakening out of thought!

Hands Making Hearts


Give your friend or that special someone the ultimate present—the gift of transformation and abundance at the 9-Day Ultimate Self-Mastery Retreat.

However, this offer expires on July 1st, 2020 at midnight, so purchase your ticket now. With this offer, tuition for two is only $1,895. The only responsibility for both participants is the room and board charge (single room or a double room).

Remember, all you have to do is to simply call (818) 279-2438 and reserve your two spots by July 1st, 2020!

*In order to be eligible for this promotion one person has to never attended a live class in the past

Early Bird Special

If you register today the tuition is only $1,895 (US Dollars)
(A savings of $600 off the normal tuition price of $2,495.)
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* For payment plans or additional information please call our office at (818) 279-2438.
We are in Los Angeles. Please call us between 9am and 5pm (GMT -8 hours)
Bring a friend who has not attended a 7 or 9-Day Retreat and you go for FREE!
Save even more by signing up for one of the Lester $5,180 Deluxe Packages!

** Once your friend has registered and paid the $1,895 tuition for The 9-Day Ultimate Self-Mastery Retreat, send an email to with your name and your friend who is already registered name, and you will be added to the class list and your tuition will be waived.

30 Sessions with Lester


(a $4,260 Value!)
Lester Online Course

Retreat Details


Eperweg 46, 8072 DB Nunspeet, Netherlands

TEL +31 (0)341 255 911


July 5 - 13, 2020

Registration for the retreat begins at 7pm with the first meeting at 7:30pm.


Early Bird Special

If you register today the tuition is only $1,895 (US Dollars) plus room and board.

(A savings of $600 off the normal tuition price of $2,495.)


Eperweg 46, 8072 DB Nunspeet, Netherlands

RESERVATIONS +1 212 219 7607

Room Pricing:
Double Occupancy: €106,25 per day.
Single Occupancy: €136,65 per day.
(*Rate does not include the city tax)

To reserve your room please mention the Release Technique and contact Wenke Keuper – van der Veen.

By email:
or phone +31 (0)341 255 901 today.

When booking a double room, indicate your roommate’s name upon registration.