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Living in Ultimate Truth Virtual Retreat

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September 7 – 13, 2020


Experience TOTAL RELIEF from every worry and upset in your life...

And instead experience Effortless Abundance and Aliveness in all areas of your life...

Doesn’t it seem that the world is now just one big ball of restrictions?

Certainly to the mind it does.

But what if you could transcend the psychological mind?

What if you could transcend the psychological mind and “free yourself” from all worry and upsets?

If you could do that – do you know what you would instantly feel?

The answer is…



The most satisfying feeling in the world.

All your psychological distress would drop away.

All your body tension would dissolve as well.

That’s what TOTAL RELIEF gets you.

It doesn’t matter your “starting point”, either.

So, whatever you’re going through at the moment…

No matter how psychologically low you feel….

No matter how hopeless things look…

Or how broken your life seems…

You Can Be FREE From It All

And rather quickly.

It doesn’t have to take a long time.

It doesn’t require hours of extensive or expensive psychological work (that’s just like “rearranging the furniture” in the mind, anyway).

Do you know what it requires?

What it requires is to “step out” of the whirlpool of the mind.

And live life from the state that Lester Levenson called ULTIMATE TRUTH.

The state of ULTIMATE TRUTH is the most “alive” state.

It’s also the most “spacious” loving state to live from.

Moreover, when you “step out” of the whirlpool of the mind and live life from the state of ULTIMATE TRUTH…

You Are Effortlessly Blessed


If you make a decision while living in the state of ULTIMATE TRUTH – even if you make the “wrong” decision — Life itself will “rearrange reality” for you and everything will work out even more perfect than if you made the so-called “right” decision.

In fact, you can never make a “wrong” decision or “wrong” move when living in the state of ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Instead you are guided by a peaceful KNOWING.

And that peaceful KNOWING gives you…


TOTAL CLARITY about who you are… what you need to do… and how to Be in the world.

And do you know what else?

When you live life from the state of ULTIMATE TRUTH, it’s impossible to feel “personally” constricted in any way.

In fact, all sense of wanting (and the agony of wanting) disappears when you live in the state of ULTIMATE TRUTH.

And when that sense of wanting (or unrelenting longing) disappears… guess what happens?

It sounds paradoxical, but the TRUTH is when your wanting disappears…

You Effortlessly Shift Into The Energy Of HAVING

This energy of HAVING makes living a beautiful and magical experience.

When you’re in this energy of HAVING — that’s when Life itself will astonish you by giving you what you want.

Often in the most effortless of ways.

Where there is no sense of “doership” involved.

It’s just like… “Oh yeah, I have that now… isn’t that crazy… it just sort of happened after all these years!”

See Life just figures things out for you when you are no longer stuck in the energy of wanting.

Solutions, people, financial gains… they all find you.

Life (and all the goodness and Abundance of Life) comes to you.

Even if there are no visible channels or possibilities of the thing you want coming into your life.

The perfect “delivery system” will be made for you.

So you can stop all that efforting and striving and trying… and simply enjoy feeling the most alive you’ve ever felt… with things you want coming into your life in the most perfect of ways.

Life Can Get Better In Truly Magical Ways When You Only Decide To Release...


“I felt the presence of Lester in my heart. He’s the real deal. While I have read many books on “spiritual enlightenment” never understood what they meant until this retreat. Those books will most likely continue to live on my bookshelf where I use the Release Technique is something I can and will take with me everywhere. I came here with no or little hope of healing my fibromyalgia, while my pain is not gone totally (yet) I have been able to cut my medicine in half and I have less pain only by using the Release Technique. Releasing is a simple but profound way of achieving freedom and peace – I truly believe anyone can do it! I released significant traumas that I didn’t even remember were there. I feel lighter and happier.” - Amy Betts


“This was my first retreat and I had a change to work with partners which I found very helpful in deepening my understanding of the Release Technique. I was able to release on very deep levels several times, getting to the status of beautiful aliveness. Had many insights about myself. Working in a group environment, feeling high energy momentum. Very positive experience I’ve learned many new things to practice in my everyday life.” - A.D.


“I drove the last 30 miles to Albuquerque on empty. I can finally discriminate between ego and being- ness. I allow myself to choose beingness. I could allow myself to have peace and I let go of the fight. I allowed my butt to be comfortable as the chair. The muscles in my shoulders and neck are looser. My walk is lighter. I am continually happier. I found my ‘never give up’ and am able to embrace it as my own and go forward.” - Dia Vale


“More experience at dropping the mind let go of the past on a much deeper lever also have discovered there major programs that were hidden in incidents of the past. Got way more proficient at seeing the stories in my head and letting them go. Also, dropped the addiction to wanting approval, let go of finding my joy from the world and got a whole fresh intent of dropping wanting and going free. Nothing is stopping me. Got goals and learned more about using them as a means of releasing the garbage the mind brings up. Living more in having rather than wanting. I am happy and feel more freedom from the mind.” - W.D.


“My awareness has increased exponentially and my releasing has become so much easier. These are some exercises in the book that I have had difficulty with the past. During this retreat they have become easier to the point that they just flow. As with all my travels I release to have a safe, uneventful journey no matter what I do.” - T.B.


“I am filled with gratitude and thankfulness to have found Releasing. More than anything I have ever done it has opened the possibilities of living in Beingness, pure joy and peace. This retreat I clearly see how my programs have been operating to create the dis-eased body. I clearly know I have used the dis-eased body to hide as an excuse to not so what I don’t want to do. I continue to release on these health issues and am feeling like I can have perfect health – I no longer need to ravish my body to justify anything – BRAVO!!” - Joy Billings


“A fleeting intention before coming and being asked to write an intention, come to me, that I would have permanent change in my awareness. The only intention that came to mind, when asked to write was TO BE MYSELF. I negated this many times and it kept returning and throughout this retreat, it has been an anchor, I used in releasing exercises with profound released. Including one night after a deep release on pride, without realizing more was going on within, I struggled through dinner, shaking and not feeling well, wanting to leave and go to my room. I stay and released along then my mind came up with everything on the way to my room, “see your sick, it’s not working, give up in fact just get out or here now and go home!” I said “oh no you don’t” – I got warm after the cold room downstairs and did the attachment and aversion to doing the mirror exercise. Yes I lifted up and felt the shift. I then sat in front of the mirror with a 10 minute alarm, as I wasn’t sure what would show up, with how I had felt before. In fact I went past that time, I just felt so much love for myself, looking into the soul eyes.” - Karen Seed


“This retreat has brought an awareness of seeing the “end result” for my goals and other things I am holding in mind. Also working on programs and past has been extremely powerful and insightful changing my programs to if they ever see who I really am… etc. resonated deeply and I was hanging to dig up ‘past stuff’ that has plagued me all my life. It is easy and visible so all welcomed.” - V.H.

This Is How You Will Experience
Effortless Abundance And Aliveness...

Sure, you’ll still get to use your body.

And you still get to use your mind (for making arrangements and appointments, etc).

The difference is… when you live from the state of ULTIMATE TRUTH…

You are no longer controlled by the negativity or the limitations of the mind in any way.

You get to see (or observe) all of the mind’s negativity and limitations as just…

Illusionary "Mind Vapor"

You get to observe how layers and layers of negativity and limitations in the mind just dissolve and drift away… like vapor.

Leaving you FREE from psychological distress and uncertainty or any sense of constraint upon you.

Better still…

You become freely available to experience what it’s like to be truly Alive… with a Capital-A.

This Aliveness is intoxicating.

You feel a new ALIVENESS about life.

Everything in your life comes Alive.

You feel this Aliveness all throughout your body.

It’s the most exhilarating and joyful way to live.

Again, Lester called this way of living: ULTIMATE TRUTH.


Because that’s exactly what it is.

It is THE ULTIMATE TRUTH you can experience in this lifetime.

And you can have it.

You can experience it for yourself.

No matter how impossible it may seem to you right now.

You Just Need The Right Direction And Guidance

We’ll get through this together!

Yes, your survival fear is coming up. If so, it’s coming up (into your awareness).

Which is a golden opportunity to use the Release Technique on it.

So why not use this situation with the coronavirus to let go of that “deep rooted” survival fear?

Looking at it like this, the coronavirus can be seen as a great opportunity to reach the state of imperturbability (where nothing and no one can bother you) that Lester encouraged us to go for. “All-in” The time couldn’t be better than Now!

Which is exactly what the NEW Living in ULTIMATE TRUTH Virtual Retreat is geared up to give you.

This new virtual retreat (via teleconference) will take you through the most direct steps to eliminating all the things in your way of living in the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

This is the kind of stuff to expect throughout (and beyond) the NEW Living in ULTIMATE TRUTH Virtual Retreat:

Experience those “aha” ideas that lead to breakthrough solutions that you’ve never been able to see before — it will be almost as if solutions are seeking you out, and not the other way around…

Find yourself in the flow at all times with a perfectly balanced life that fulfills all your needs — when you live from this “flow-state” of the ULTIMATE TRUTH there is never any sense of wasting time or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead time seems to “expand”, and you are able to achieve what you really want to achieve in minimal time. And you always have plenty of time for relaxation and play…

Experience complete peace around your financial situation — you will drop all anxiety around money and the state of your bank balance. Bills will no longer faze you. You will always feel like you “have enough”. And ironically when you are in this peaceful (non-reactive) state around your finances, you create the “space” for more money and lucrative opportunities to come into your life…

The NEW Living in ULTIMATE TRUTH Virtual Retreat is geared up to give you all that… and MORE.

Due to the teleconference line capacity, places are limited on the New Living in ULTIMATE TRUTH Virtual Retreat.

And places are likely to fill up.

So if you want to:

Experience TOTAL RELIEF from every worry and upset in your life...
And instead experience Effortless Abundance and Aliveness in all areas of your life...

…here’s where you need to register your place on the virtual retreat now:

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