One of the many valuable things we receive when we take the Abundance Course is the General Releasing Questions. These questions are given to us as a handout and in the new Abundance Course workbook they are on page 74a.

As we all know, before coming to the Release Technique we lived our lives on automatic. We have learned there are three aspects of mind—sensing, automatic recording and playback, and discriminating. We know that the automatic recording and playback unit, which is located just above our neck, is not our friend. We know there is no releasing, no erasing taking place when we are on automatic because when we are on automatic, we are in AGFLAP and we are blinded.

The General Release Questions are a way to get off automatic. Many may shake their head when they read at the top of the General Releasing Sheet that we should use these questions 20 or more times a day. However, Larry is serious about that. If we begin to use these questions, yes, 20 or more times a day, it isn’t long until we have them memorized.

As we begin to have the questions memorized we begin getting off automatic. We begin to discriminate. The main value of the General Release Questions is that they move us from automatic into discriminating. We know that, just as being on automatic is not our friend and has caused us all our past woes, discriminating is getting off automatic and moving into a position of witnessing. When we discriminate, when awe see what we are doing, we release. When we are on automatic, there is no releasing. When we discriminate, we release.

The General Release Questions assist us in being in release constantly because as we use them, we memorize them. More than that, they become part of our psyche. So, as we go through our day, and the world comes at us as it does, we discriminate. What am I afraid of right now? Who or what do I want to control right now? Whose approval do I want right now? When we see it, we release. That is the beauty of the General Release Questions.

When we really make a commitment to release constantly we notice more how we spend our time through the day. We see there are a lot of times when we are idle, day dreaming, escaping or wasting time. When we begin to use the General Release Questions, we use the time we have previously been wasting and we begin to go through the questions. Maybe it’s a traffic light. Maybe we get through three or four questions and the light changes. We have taken previously wasted time and made valuable use of the time.

Releasing is about not being bothered by anyone or anything. The General Releasing Questions are training us, guiding us in that direction. We are bothered, and we look. Am I insecure now? Or, what am I resisting right now? Or whichever of the questions comes up. And we release. We are either less bothered or not bothered at all.

One of the most important of the General Release Questions Larry recommends we ask our self often is, “What is the worst thing that can happen to me right now?” When we are on automatic, we are subject to the ebb and flow of life’s events. We are in bondage to whatever horrific imagining the mind cooks up for us. The mind is all about bad news. Did you hear about…? How often do we hear that? And it is almost never: Did you hear about …some good news? So, we have this scary information coming into our awareness and we freak out. Well, isn’t that what the mind tells us to do? It’s automatic. Once we go on automatic, the mind owns us and starts adding up all the bad things that can happen from the news we’ve just heard. You’ve seen this hundreds if not thousands of times.

If we are using the General Release Questions we may ask, What is the worst thing that can happen to me right now? The vast majority of the time, the answer is, nothing, because the news does not remotely affect our life. If the news does affect our life, we ask, What is the worst thing that can happen to me right now and we begin to release. Rather than when we are on automatic and we begin to spin out of control, we begin to release. As we release, we gain clarity, we know what action to take if any, and we are calm. We are able to stay positive in spite of what is happening. In staying positive in spite of what is happening the picture changes for us.

There is another use and value of the question, What’s the worst thing that can happen to me right now? Notice if the question brings a contraction in the stomach or the chest. If we are in fear, we have a contraction. Rather than push the fear down as we always have done, we welcome up the fear into our awareness. We say yes to the fear and yes and yes. We allow the fear energy to leave. We bring the fear to wanting approval, wanting control and/or wanting to be safe and we let it go.

The value of the question, What is the worst thing that can happen right now, is that it brings up fear we have been unwilling to look at, fear we have been resisting, hiding in the depths of our subconscious mind. When we allow it up and welcome it into our awareness, the fear leaves. Lester and Larry both emphasize that if we are holding onto a fear, in Larry’s words, we are waiting for a bus to hit us. Larry makes a strong point that nothing can happen to us if we did not first have a fear about it. Fear it, appear it, says Lester. So, when we use this question, What is the worst thing that can happen to me right now, and we access the fear in our subconscious, we can let it go, never to be bothered by it again. Larry recommends we use this question over and over to rid our self of fear.

All the questions on the General Releasing Sheet are excellent to help us toward imperturbability. Again, when we slip into automatic, if we have been using the General Releasing Questions and we have them as part of ourselves, when something comes up and there doesn’t seem to be a way out, all the questions are a big help, but in a crunch, question 9, Can I let go of being so smart and allow the answer to be other than I think it is, is often a lifesaver. Another answer, other than the mind’s answer, often appears and is perfect.

You have in your possession the way to be free, the way to be happy all the time, the way to imperturbability. That way is the General Releasing Sheet. Use it 20 times a day and you never have to call a doctor in the morning again.