We’re extraordinarily good at it, aren’t we?  Whatever we do not want to look at we stuff out of sight.  Pretty clever trick on our part, no? Thoughts and feelings we don’t like, we simply bury them out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind.  Well, out of sight maybe. But out of mind, uh, sorry, no.

We’ve stuffed a whole lot of badness in the depths of our unconscious mind so we don’t have to deal with it. But underneath there, somewhere, it’s whirring and hissing and rumbling and ready to pounce any given second.  Have you noticed that? What’s in there anyway?  What’s in that unconscious mind ready to come up and mess with our life?  How can we find out?  Questions come up. We have an instantaneous, knee jerk reaction.  We go right to the mind looking for an answer, don’t we?  “Mind, what’s hiding out in my unconscious mind? What have I stuffed there that’s ready to pounce? How can I find out, mind? How can I get the answer to this question?”

Our supposed friend, the mind. Are you familiar with it?  It doesn’t give us the answer. It turns the tables on us. It tells us to beat ourselves up. “Why can’t I figure this out? Why don’t I know? How dumb can I be? Something must be wrong with me. I’m and idiot.” And on, and on, and on.  We’ve seen that movie more than a few ( thousand ) times, haven’t we?  I just misspoke. I said, “The mind tells us to beat ourselves up.”  Wrong. The mind actually tells us to give ourselves a beat down.  Up is not where we go when we criticize ourselves, berate ourselves, condemn ourselves, think badly about ourselves. No. We go down.  It takes us down. Right? It makes us feel bad, sad, and all the rest of that. We might even sink into depression with all that beat down.

In that way we make ourselves captive. We lock ourselves in the jail of the mind.  And what do we do about that? We do the exact same thing. We say, in effect, “Mind, how can I get out of this state I’m in? What can I do about it?  And there we are. Back in the vicious cycle of asking the mind, figuring it out, wanting to know, getting no answers and beating our selves down.  Beating ourselves down big time.

Let’s agree with each other to do something different about it.  Let’s stop it already!  Stop it with asking the mind. Stop it with going into figuring it out. Stop it with getting more and more out of control and scared. And very definitely, be awake and discriminating:  Stop it with the self beat down. (And, by the way, check me out on this. If we’re beating ourselves down, we’re often beating down others around us too. Have you noticed that?)

Most of the world is walking around in a state of deep sleep and gloom—a state of beat down. Self inflicted.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  We have to catch those thoughts. The ones that say, “Ask the mind.” The ones that say, “Let me figure this out.”  And especially the ones that say, “Beat your self down. Give yourself a beat down.”  As soon as we notice the mind telling us to do that, we can roll with it, and adios, we’re gone. And we’re gone to a very unpleasant place.  Or we can say, “Wait a minute. Hold on. I’m not going there with you this time mind.” “I’m not playing that game with you anymore.” Stop it then and there. Right away. Don’t put it off. Time to give your self a boost up. Time to give your self approval. It takes just a few seconds.

Most of us are busy and hustling and bustling. But in the midst of all that we can decide to stop with the beat down and give ourselves approval. A second, a minute, an hour or how about the entire day and night? Now, back to where we started? How can we find out what’s lurking in the depths of our unconscious mind? We can release. Set the mind aside. And we can get our answers from intuition, which is infallibly always right. “But release on what?” the mind might say. What’s in that unconscious mind that I need to release on?

Let’s call on our friend Lester. Lester has given us the answer.  The answer to the question of what is lurking in our unconscious mind is to look at what we do not like. Look at what we are resisting. Look at what annoys us. Look at what irritates us or makes us “mad.” How can we locate all that?  Simple, tells us Lester. We look to our Mind Mirror.   And where is our Mind Mirror? It’s in every person we meet everyday. Every person we interact with. The very best teachers of what’s in our subconscious mind, are the people that bug us the most.  It’s a bitter pill to swallow, isn’t it?  Me, this nice person. This kind person. This thoughtful person.  That obnoxious  jerk. That can’t be me I’m looking at. That arrogant so and so. That can’t be me. That nut case. That can’t be me. That blabbermouth. That can’t be me. That mean one. That can be me.

Sorry. Yes it can. In fact it is. Count on it. What you’re seeing out there is your Mind Mirror. As Lester points out, “The mote is in your eye.”  That’s great news, isn’t it? Especially since we know how to release. It’s just about the best news we can get. See who or what bugs us. Realize it’s me I’m looking at. And use our release tools. A good place to start is letting go of the disapproval, and sending approval. To him, or her, or it, and to yourself.  Sometimes we can’t give approval. Which we know means we have to bail enough of that disapproval out of the barrel to get to the good stuff.   Disapproval is resistance. Let go of resisting, let go of disapproval and send approval.  Suddenly your world changes and, as the song says, you’ve got a beautiful feeling everything is going your way.

Lester puts it this way in the recording “Willpower”:  “If you understand this intellectually and you’re not able to use it, it’s because you’re not looking at yourself honestly, truthfully, with deep desire to see yourself. In the process of which you have set up as the unconscious mind all the things you don’t want to look at. However, it is not necessary to dig into the unconscious mind. In fact, it’s much better to quiet the mind…” And Lester and Larry have shown us how to quiet the mind.  One simple word, Release. See what’s in your unconscious mind by looking at all your mind mirrors everyday. And release and release and release – Release constantly. Each time you release you are happier and lighter. If you release continually, you will be continually happier and lighter.  And no one or no thing will ever bother you.