What a terrific way to start the day!  There is nothing passive about this statement.  It is bold, to the point, and includes a specific timeframe.  Actually this phrase sounds like an intention.

Let’s face it, the only way we can achieve success or anything else is by making a decision.  Deciding to achieve success and being successful is better than playing the basic game of philosophy by asking ourselves the questions of “Who, what, why …?  When, where, and how…?” over and over again and each time coming up without an answer.

What is it that is stopping most of us from being successful?  Good question!  The answer that stops us from succeeding is mostly related to fear.  We all have excuses as to why we can’t be successful at something.  Maybe being successful is too much responsibility…  Or maybe we don’t really know how to be successful…  Or maybe it’s just too hard…  Or maybe it’s something we heard in school, church (or other religious affiliation), home, from friends or family that said “we can’t” or “we shouldn’t.”

Well how about seeing yourself as successful right now.  Go ahead… imagine seeing yourself successful at that one thing you have always hoped would become a reality.  See… It is possible!  You can be successful!  You experimented and learned firsthand, as to what it would look and feel like, for you to be a success just by making a decision.  Maybe you envisioned yourself thinner with a great new wardrobe… Or perhaps you saw yourself in a new home or business… Or maybe you accepted seeing yourself in a new relationship, traveling, or having abundant finances.  Whatever you decided “is possible” for you to have.  There are no limits.  We are all unlimited beings and can have, do, or be anything despite anything anyone has ever told you.

Would you really like to know what the secret to success is?  In truth, there is no secret. It’s a decision!  Whatever we are holding in mind becomes our reality.  If we are holding success in mind, we get to be successful, and if we are holding lack in mind we get to be right about that too. Realistically being successful is not about being educated or having an affluent address.  These occurrences are what resulted in relation to your making a decision to pursue higher-levels of education or to reside in a particular community.  Success is really an inner knowing that it’s ok to have, be or do without regrets.  Success, or failure, is guided by your having an intention.  If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t, you can’t.  Either choice is easily available.  Would you be more likely to pursue successful endeavors or would you prefer settling for the not-so-good outcomes?  Making the decision of being successful, having abundance, and to doing what you please is the result of learning “it’s possible” to achieve success in all areas of your life.  Making decisions affects every area of our lives because, “how we do anything, is how we do anything?”  Our decisions affect our relationships, our finances, and how we feel about ourselves, etc.  And yet for some of us making decisions is difficult.  Perhaps parents, spouses, or employers have been in the habit of making decisions on your behalf.   Making a decision is the ability to decide for yourself to have, be or do something and then moving towards your goal.

Success begins the moment we make a decision to be successful.  If you haven’t yet decided to be successful, chances are you might be trying to figure it out.  The good news is there is nothing to figure out in regards to learning the Release® Technique method.  The first step is to decide you can benefit from using the method and then order the home-study course or register to attend an upcoming workshop or retreat.

So what’s different about being successful by using the Release Technique method?  By your deciding to learn to release, you’ll soon begin to discover there is so much more to you than you may have noticed or imagined possible.  Once we learn to “let go” we can move towards being successful in any of our life.  Areas that perhaps we never knew were available to us because of our seeing through the “blinders of limitation.”

We all learn experientially.  Would you like to learn how to have good health?  Yes!  How about learning that you can feel good about yourself?  Yes!  How about learning that you can also enjoy wealth and prosperity without feeling guilty?  Yes!  Would you like to have great relationships?  Yes!  Regardless of your income, no matter how good or bad, would like to experience improved finances?  Yes!  Finally, would you like to know how to have a good life in spite of what the economy, weather, or anything the media is suggesting?  Yes!  In each example, you made a decision.  Yes is a decision, and it is positive!  Would you like to be successful now or at some time in the future?  Either way, it’s your decision.  Actually everything that happens to us is a decision.  With that in mind, why not decide to be successful TODAY!  Why wait?  Success starts today, if that’s what you decide.  If not today, when?