We love to listen and talk about success stories with those who’ve experienced the power of Releasing. This story in particular struck a chord with us because it involved an individual who freed himself from traumatic events of the past.

“While I was releasing on cleaning up ‘The Past,’ incidents came up and I was transported to the time and space of the occurrence, I experienced myself in that situation and the feelings that were occurring at that moment. I was able to identify what ‘Want’ was predominant and able to release it, and felt a great sense of lightness and relief. I then looked around, made peace with all involved, said good bye knowing that I finally fully let it go, and this was behind me now, it felt like a page was turned and a new page opened up with another story of the past releasing on that and cleaning that would present another incident. After releasing on about eight of these major issues, it felt like a great burden had been lifted and I was not dragging this heavy weight around any more, it is gone and I am freer.

Also woke up really early on Valentines day and was surrounded with the feelings of Love for every- thing, I felt real love for myself and allowed myself to have a vibrant body, also love money and allow myself lots of it to play with, Love is everywhere even the frogs are singing their love songs all night long.”

Willem Degroot