“Thank you, Larry, for all that you are giving. I appreciate every word and CD and book and phone call.

I have come to realize during this first week of the 30-Day Program that if I let go and put out an intention my answers are all there in a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing from that place. I have not felt the urge to say anything mostly because I work on releasing “the spin” inside my head and everything else that comes up during these calls. And I am growing and learning SO much!!!! It’s been a long time coming in trying to understand and find a way to undo my ego/carnal mind/dweller on the threshold/unreality/psychology. I am very grateful for your repetition because it is slowly cutting through the density.

This morning a beautiful gain/awareness came to me…we all have different pictures/programs running (unless we are in BEINGNESS-the Oneness of inner knowing-LOVE!) So it is silly to judge or disapprove or try to fix (with pretense of helping) others. WOW! This is HUGE for me. I know you and Lester have been saying this many ways over and over, but this morning I got it, a Light went on. Thank you again!
On another note, my brother passed (made his transition) last week, so I will be traveling to Sedona/Cottonwood for his funeral this coming weekend. I will try to stay connected to the calls as best I can during that time, and catch the replays I miss.

I love and appreciate you so much, and I am grateful to the Masters for helping me to find your program.”

Bless you abundantly!
Kathy Beckstrom