“Yesterday it finally came to me how the mind works, like Larry and Lester have been always saying. It was for the first time I saw how the mind works clearly and that everything that I think, I put in there, and I am the master of it all. I feel like I have moved from feeling a victim of this world to being able to undo anything I choose to undo. And I can put in better programs, but I plan to let even the “better” programs go, so I can be who I am. It truly is that I know that I know that I know this. I understand what seeing the perfection in the seeming imperfection means. I never “got” that before. I think it has only become known to me from all the undoing of the mind I have been doing.

Thank you for such a wonderful financial freedom class, and the 90-day course was great too.

There really is alot of momentum right now. I am feeling happier and more freedom everyday  I will be seeing you at Asilomar.”

Love Love Love,
Evie Cress