“I have a GAIN to share: Over the weekend I listened to one of the Clean-Up sessions from the Abundance Course on a 1-hour drive to pick up my parents from my sister’s house.  My sister, who at one time was my best friend in life, and her family have turned against me over a business partnership/legal issue I have with other family members.  Normally I would have been an angry, nervous mess by the time I got there, thinking victim thoughts, etc.  Instead, I was so “high” from releasing the whole way there that when I got there and ran into my brother-in-law on the driveway he jumped out of his car and kissed me.  We spoke for 5 minutes about life as though nothing was between us.  As we spoke I marveled to myself that all I felt for him was love, and I had no sense of concern about what he thought of me.  Minutes later I ran into a niece and had the same experience.   Two days later, when I returned my parents, I ran into two more nieces and my sister.  I did not feel as high because I had not just finished the work, but the lasting effects of the daily work were there for me and I was calm and peaceful as I interacted with them as well.  In addition I should say that I haven’t been to their home in 2 years, and my husband thought I was downright brave for going there, but to me if felt perfectly fine after releasing over the last couple of weeks. In total, it is a wonderful gain because I now feel free to spend more time there with my elderly parents whose home is attached to my sister’s.  WhooHoo!  Freedom!”
Cindy Sullivan