“Gains since beginning the Change Your Life Teleconference last weekend

The first day of the course I checked our mail late and received a notice from my bank that they had scheduled a sale of my home for July 5 as I am in foreclosure.  So how is this a gain?  The gain is that instead of feeling the sense of fear and dread and clutching that this would normally illicit (I’ve dodged this four times already in two years) instead I felt a calm serenity that it would be OK. I started to release on it immediately, to send approval to the bank and let go of having to figure it out.  I vowed that this down is going to be an up!
The sense of serenity lasted through the first weekend and as I participated in the course, I felt a strong confirmation that if I treated  this material  with the utmost seriousness and applied it to my life completely I would make a monumental leap forward for my soul growth. 
On Saturday as I took a walk around my neighborhood I became aware of more beautiful flowers than I had ever seen before and gathered three bouquets from flowers growing outside the boundaries of peoples yards and over walls. I was struck by the abundance of these flowers, their wonderful colors and their amazing fragrance — a message that abundance is all around us and free!
Each day since the first weekend I have noticed many small gains, like free things being given to me, but the most important gain has been a sense that a shift in my life is happening.   A wonderful gain was when Larry announced that the $495.00 for the CYL course could be a credit toward an advanced course! 
Today, Friday, after releasing on it,  I was finally able to easily accomplish a project for my new business that had been on my plate for weeks — the solution/approach  was  available in my consciousness this morning as I awakened and came together easily as I tackled it.

This past Saturday (the second weekend) I awoke to find that my cell phone service had been turned off, but after releasing on it, had it back on within 20 minutes.  During both the Saturday and Sunday sessions, I had a strong sense that it is my time to really take releasing to a new level and that I would progress quickly toward imperturbability so that I can accomplish my true calling in this life. The issue that has been blocking my progress
for some time is unhealthy finances (wanting financial health) so the 30-day course is the logical next step that I must take. I am ready to move into having in a big way and ready to make a full committment to doing the work.

Thanks for everything Larry and all the wonderful teachers.”

Best wishes,