“Unbelievable course! 

1.  After signing up, I had a series of sales that were enough to pay for course.  

2.  A long-term relationship that had been a huge heart-breaker three times… had caused me to call the release line various times… and which I had truly given up on – well, two or three days after starting the course, she started seeking me out again.  

3.  The power of giving yourself approval before bed is proven. I put myself to bed two weeks ago with approval… and at three in the morning, my doorbell rings and this woman is wanting to be with me.  I started cracking up when I realized that for me, as a single guy, I would be able to write you and tell you what I manifested over night into my bed.  

4.  The situation with the woman is totally different now.  I am not insecure… needy… or quietly disapproving of myself or her – and very clear about what I want.  I frequently am with her and am just allowing… and giving her approval and love. Again, with this woman, this was in my mind an impossible situation and she came back suddenly.  You talk about this, but I would not have believed it could happen in this situation. 

5.  I was in the moment while driving… and saying I love you to thoughts coming up.  I went to make a left hand turn from a light, and saw a car running the red light.  I stopped… while the car next to me hit her.  I was alert, obviously, but my pulse hardly jumped at all!  I was totally calm and witnessed the situation… the glass flying…etc. with a calm and focused presence.  Everyone was fine, but I realized I avoided the accident by being open to beingness in the moment.  
6.  There’s more! – This is a partial list for now. There is so much great and nasty stuff coming up, but I am more easily allowing it, with the confidence that they are JUST FEELINGS!  So I will keep you updated and have the goal of doing the 90-day course coming up!  

Thank you for this course, Larry! You are awesome!” – Chris Ahlquist