You don’t have to look very far to identify compulsive behaviors you are enacting.If you are Human, those compulsions are there.
The really obvious ones look like this:”No wonder she is so huge.She can’t stop eating!””No wonder he coughs all the time – look how much he smokes!””No wonder he is in debt – look at all the stuff he’s been buying for himself!”

The less obvious ones may sound like this:”I can’t sleep unless I read till I drop.””I can’t eat a meal without meat and dessert.””I never tell the truth if I’m not forced to.””No one will know I gamble, since I do it online.””I’d walk a mile for a Camel.I’m dying for a smoke!””He’ll never know I got out of bed, so I’ll just have one (more) toke.”

Those less obvious compulsions, like the ones that hit you between the eyes and rile you up periodically, are subconscious programs that are running on automatic.They are running you, your life, and making you behave – and misbehave!And very, very often they throw you way out of control before you know it.

The programs run mostly without you knowing it – until you find a method or a process to identify them. Sure, lots of times people close to us know about it before we do (don’t tell me your kids don’t know you smoke 2 packs a day), so the method of finding out about them is your family or friends telling you about it!And that can easily turn into complaining, hounding you, threatening you with “if you don’t clean up your act…” and worse.

If somehow you figure out a “compulsion program” is there (after all, in your moments of honest introspection, you’re not totally oblivious to how you live and what you do, are you?), how do you get rid of it?

The way thousands of people like you have done it – with the Release Technique.It is an easy and self-directed process (and very private, just in case you really still believe no one knows you are a binge internet shopaholic) of identifying your compulsions, the underlying cause of them, and ridding yourself of that cause.Once and for all!Wow.Sounds good, huh?

As for the underlying cause of your compulsive habits and behaviors:it’s always very easy.It’s your collection of feelings about the thing.That’s it.Releasing shows you how not to be run by your feelings anymore.How to get under the specific feelings that are “making you misbehave”.How to take back control of your life and your choices…

Because a compulsion doesn’t give you a choice; you cave in and do it – period.Change that.Open up your life and living to infinitely more choices than that.Don’t be run by some odd collection of feelings – let them go.The easiest way is by Releasing.

There is more.Click here for loads of testimonials on how our Graduates have kicked habits that made them unhappy and out of control.