Our countrymen (I’m speaking of the USA here) spend more money on drugs when they’re sick ($235 Billion/year), more money on solutions when they are fat (around $50 Billion/year, with more if we add the medical prescriptions that treat the consequences of overweight), more money on cosmetics and body-care items for when they feel unattractive ($10 Billion/year on makeup alone, double that for all other types of products) than any other country on the planet.

Why is that? Is it because the advertising industry is good at its job? For $3 billion dollars annually, cosmetics advertisers can create plenty of self-doubt! Pharmaceutical companies jointly spend $50B annually in advertising all the risks of taking their drugs – but still get you to ask your doctor for a 7-day introductory dosage anyway. As for weight-loss solutions, the price per pound lost that a dieter could spend is enormous, with one study of Optifast dieters reporting the cost to be $180 per pound lost – let’s not talk about the advertising billions spent getting you to spend that $180…frustration_02-b

Well, our advertising gurus may be the best on the planet, but they are only taking massive advantage of the one thing that really causes all these expenditures.

The one thing? We can’t deal with the fact that our feelings are running us and ruining us. Ruining our health, and ruining our confidence that we are perfect just as we are. Advertisers know human nature down to the ground and use knowledge about how we feel to get us to do what they want!

If this sounds like a big leap, consider this…

When is the last time you happily took a diet pill or a prescription drug? I mean, that you genuinely felt happiness overtake you when you did this?

When is the last time you looked in a mirror and said to your image “Wow, my body looks so great! What a youthful, happy face! I am so perfect!”?

When is the last time you rolled out of bed without groaning (for whatever reason), and felt excited about your day?

When is the last time you sat down to a meal or went to the fridge knowing that you’d make perfectly healthy choices of foods in quality and quantity – and loved yourself when you finished eating it (rather than guilt-tripping yourself and kicking yourself for awhile for what and how much you actually ate)?

See, advertisers know that we all operate on a feeling level. Sometimes the operative feeling is right on top. Sometimes it is buried in our subconscious (we don’t know it’s there – but the ad-man does!). That everyone has feelings about their body opens up a goldmine of possibilities for the ad-man!

How can you take control back from the advertising guys and take care of your body issues at the same time? Learn to Release!

The American Master Lester Levenson (not an ad-man!) developed a simple and elegant way to identify and let go of the feelings that are running you in a sabotaging, out-of-control way.

He knew that hidden feelings are what push us to overeat.

He knew that feelings get bottled up (from a lifetime!) and cause ill health in all kinds of ways.

He knew that feelings about ourselves cause all sorts of disapproval and judgments that rule how we see and treat ourselves.

Lester Levenson’s method is called the Release Technique and anyone can learn it! It is absolutely not reserved for the medical profession (although numerous doctors have learned it with us) or the fitness and wellness gurus (loads of those study with us, too).

photo_woman-thumbs-upLearn how to get a handle on what is really causing your body woes… what really is creating your dissatisfaction with your body health, wellness and beautiful perfection… Get a handle on your feelings by using the simple process we show you. It is easy to identify, get rid of and be permanently free of the feelings that sabotage your happiness with how you are and who you are!

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