The Goal is Unlimited Happiness


“The goal is complete liberation—the attainment of limit-lessness.

All are seeking complete freedom and happiness, and everyone is seeking this either consciously or unconsciously.

The goal is Self-Realization.

All we need to do is improve our knowing of the fact that “I AM THAT I AM” until our knowledge is only that. Then we see and know that we are that which we have been seeking.

So the goal is to know that “I AM THAT I AM.” This
knowing, however, is not the intellectual knowing, which is but like a tape record- ing. This knowledge is an experienced knowledge gotten through Self realization, through stilling the mind and concentrating the mind inwardly until the Self, Itself, gives us the answer by showing Itself.

No one can be taught Truth, each must realize Truth by himself or herself. A Teacher can give the direction, the way, and the pupil may take it.

All Truth is provable. Accept nothing on hearsay. Each must prove out every- thing for himself or herself.

There is only an Absolute Truth, and that is the Truth that is changeless. Before we attain to the one Absolute Truth we use the apparency of relative truth. Reason and thinking, dealing with the limited senses, and being a lower level operation of mind, cannot get us to the Absolute Truth, but must be used to get us in the direction of the Absolute Truth. Intuition, knowingness, super-conscious-

ness will reveal the Absolute Truth.
Our rate of growth is directly proportional to the intensity of the desire for it. Man thinks of himself as body, mind and soul. Soul is the real Self—Infinite,

All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Everywhere Present. Mind is a tool of the Soul, used as an instrument to create and reflect the physical universe. Body is the creation of the mind.

Therefore, we must first get to know that we are not the limited body, then that we are not the limited mind, and what is left is that we are the Pure Infinite Glorious Self, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent! This is the real evolution. Life, as we know it today, is in the limited realm of cause and effect. Natural or divine law works in accordance with cause and effect. To be masters and controllers of life, we need only to know that thinking is the cause and what ever happens in the physical world is the effect of that thinking! If, from this moment on, we would keep in mind only that which we want, that is only
what we would get!

Remember, the mind is only creative, and will create constructive and destructive things, determined by what we keep in mind!”

– Lester Levenson