“If you can think it, it’s in your computer” – you may have heard Larry say those words before. It’s true – anything that you can “imagine”, you can imagine it because you are actually just pulling up that picture that is already in your mind – just like opening up a file on your computer.

Most of us have some lovely files and also some not so lovely and even downright corrupt files or viruses.

So why is this so important and what does it have to do with abundance?

Here is the connection – the mind is a creative instrument. Read that again – the mind is only creative. This means that whatever you hold in mind, you create. Plain and simple – and your mind doesn’t care whether that is lack or abundance – it just creates whatever is in there.

Can you imagine having total abundance? Imagine it right now – in whatever area of your life you would like – complete financial freedom, radiant health, loving relationships, how about “all of the above” – can you imagine it?

If your answer is yes, then you can have it in your life. Remember, the mind is only creative – so whatever you can think you can create.

Now you may be ready to doubt that the mind is creative if whatever you just imagined isn’t in front of you already this very minute. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. It just means that whatever you just imagined isn’t the only picture you’ve been holding in mind. It just means that you have been holding in mind something in the way of your abundance.

So what’s in the way? Well, chances are that if I ask you if you can imagine the opposite of that abundant picture, your “worst case scenario” of lack, that you would also answer “yes” that you can imagine that too.

So what’s your poor mind to do with these conflicting pictures? Simple – it is going to create the sum total of those pictures that you have in it.

Lester Levenson said many times “Examine your thinking and correct it.” Once you see what your “worst case scenario” pictures are, you can use releasing to pull them up and delete them just like corrupted files on your computer.

When you have let go of and deleted all the pictures of lack, then what’s left? Just the picture of abundance, right? And when all that’s left is the picture of abundance, what will you be creating in your life? Exactly – abundance.

This is why the Release Technique is such a vital tool to have. When you perfect this ability to quickly and easily let go of all the negative pictures that you have accumulated in the “junk drawer” of your mind, the world is yours with no limits.

Go ahead and dare to think big. It is all up to you. There’s nothing in your way but your own pictures in your own mind.

“Change your thinkingness and you change the world for you”
—Lester Levenson