When you attend our powerful Abundance Course live class for 3 days, you get the whole Releasing toolkit that American Master Lester Levenson gave the world. You are fully able to use the complete Release Technique process on your own by the end of the weekend!

You do need to plan on experiencing astonishing results and insights even on the first night of the class – then more and more throughout the weekend. Every Graduate of this course says it: You will notice significant changes in yourself in just 3 days’ time!

Our Graduates comment that it is motivating to personally witness the magic and power of Releasing on all types of situations, for all types of people. This happens at each and every one of our weekend classes!

Remember: Releasing is all about getting rid of obvious and subtle negativities, and letting go of your hidden negative blocks to having an abundant, peaceful and happy life.

How? This course shows you how to successfully apply the Releasing tools to any topic of importance to you. How to turn a bad or undesirable situation you are experiencing into something good and positive.

At our weekend classes, you practice “real life” Releasing – Releasing in the heat of the moment or on the spot with a number of focused exercises, on topics that are real to you. It doesn’t matter if it is a relationship or a financial issue, a body or health concern of yours. If it is something that is not working for you in your life, the class exercises and the Instructor’s guidance – even Graduate Releasers attending! – show you clearly how to turn it around.

The live class dynamic accelerates your learning, as you benefit from plenty of direct, personalized reinforcement. Repeat attendees share on-the-spot testimonials about their past benefits and gains; this boosts your own understanding of the power of this simple process. It’s motivating to be with people getting astonishing results before your very eyes.

We show you that having goals is an important component of this work. Have plenty of goals! Releasing is a powerful way of getting obstacles out of your way so that the goal literally drops in your lap with ease! We give you plenty of practice with personal Goals with this course. You hear what types of remarkable Goals past attendees have been achieving – by Releasing only.

We also give you the astounding experience of a whole group getting into the peaceful energy of a very quiet Mind, so that you can observe first-hand how that feels to you. This is the quiet space the Masters live in! Releasing takes you there, and once you have experienced the mental quiet at a live class, you can absolutely reproduce it at home.

Is it over when you have completed the weekend class? No! It is just the beginning! You are leaving with a complete and reproducible process to creating Peace of Mind, Health and an Abundant Lifestyle. Remember that the effect is cumulative as you continue to Release day after day at home.

You’ll find that life and living just keep getting better, easier and happier as you use the tools called Releasing! The Abundance Course, teaching the Release Technique, is the best “bang for your buck” among personal developments seminars of similar length – you can repeat the class anywhere in the country for a substantial discount, over and over again, for more benefits, just like so many are doing!

Find a class in your area on our website: www.releasetechnique.com/live-classes. These are the classes scheduled for the coming 3 months, so come back from time to time and check the locations again!

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See how attending a Release Technique Live Class can Change Your Life!