They took away my rattle. Can you believe it? They took away that darn rattle. It all began right then.

Where’s my rattle? I need my rattle. I don’t have a rattle.

What was it for you going way back? All the way back. What caused you to decide there’s some stuff in this world you can’t have.

Or maybe it was, “I can have a little, but I can’t have all I want. I can only get a limited amount. I’m a limited person. I have to know my limits.”

You probably didn’t put it all together like that way back then. But at a very young age you inserted a program into your computer—the one your neck holds up—a program that translates as a nagging—nearly always there— lacking feeling. Many of us apply that lack­ing feeling to money, relationships or health. Ring any bells?

I’m going to give you the perfect antidote for lack. It works all the time. Guaranteed. It will not cost you a dime. But first…

Please allow me a quick aside.

In the last paragraph I said, “You put in a program.” Be careful out there. Stay awake. The world tries to program us constantly about so many things.

You’re this kind of person. You’re that kind of person. Women can’t do this. Men can’t do that. People from your part of town hardly ever make it. If they find out I’m successful, they’ll kick me out of the group. And on and on.

Your neighbors and friends might program you. Some folks just have to tell you about the bad news of the day, and the political strife, or their latest ache or pain. Maybe you program those close to you. “These are the cards you’ve been dealt and you can’t do anything about it.” Notice that word “can’t” keeps coming up. “Can’t” always is a tip-off to a program you’ve installed.

The medical and pharmaceutical people constantly run TV commercials. They program people that they will get this or that serious condition. They’re selling it to us. And we think we are this body so a lot of us buy into it hook, line and sinker. And we’re sunk.

You see it all the time. A parent tells a child she’s dumb. A teacher or coach says you’ll never make it. When people or advertising tells you that you are this or that way, catch it. They’re programming you. It isn’t true for you unless you buy into it. Watch what comes out of other people’s mouths. Watch what comes out of your mouth. Some people enjoy expressing their “I cant’s.”

We hear this one a lot. “It’s not easy.” Who said it’s not easy? Why not say, “It is easy?”

“It will take you a long time,” they tell you. Why not allow it to happen right now? Even something as simple as saying or thinking the following three words: “I don’t know.” How many thousands of times do people say, I don’t know? That’s a program. You are an unlim­ited being. Allow yourself to know and know how.

So when someone says as I did in the previous paragraph, that you put in a program, it’s good to say, wait a minute, let me take a look at that. Maybe I did and then again maybe I didn’t put in that program.

Sorry. That was not a quick aside was it?

Back to the lacking feeling.

A lot of us practice it all the time. We look at what we don’t have rather than what we have. We look at what’s wrong rather than what’s right. We look at what’s bad rather than what’s good. We look at what’s missing in our lives. I could be happy if only…. What is it for you? I could be happy if only I had— Fill in the blank.

All of it is a lacking feeling. We put the program in. Then we unconsciously strengthen it. We affirm it. We re-affirm it. We fertilize and water it like a plant. We strengthen our lack muscle.

Do you do that? Most of us do. We strengthen the program to the point that it’s a hard­ened conviction.

Isn’t it amazing how people hold so tight to their convictions? Have you noticed? They argue with you to the point of rage if you try to wrest their beloved conviction from them. People will argue for my bad back, my arthritis, my ABCD diagnosis. Tell them it’s just a thought. And watch out. The lion might roar.

Don’t mess with my convictions.

What if your convictions aren’t getting you the life you want? Realize, you put those programs in the computer you can delete them.

It begins with tracking back, way back to the very first thought that turned into a belief then became a hardened conviction. Someone said something. You saw something. You heard something. And you made a decision. This is how I am. This is how it is. As Popeye said, I yam what I yam. The program embedded in your computer and it’s still in there, running your life.

We can toss out all those old computer programs that con­tinue to run our lives, twenty, thirty, fifty, seventy years later. We can toss out those computer programs that say I can’t do this. I can’t do that. It’s just the kind of person I am. It’s just the way I was brought up. I yam what I yam.

If your life is not working, as you want it to, be it finances, or relationships, health, or whatever else, it’s because you have installed programs in your computer that say, I can’t.

You’ve done the Programs course haven’t you? How about a do-over? It’s popular these days to say life doesn’t come with do-overs. That’s a program for you. The Release Technique is all about do-overs. It’s all about changing your picture from whatever your life looks like right now to the picture you prefer.

You definitely can have a do-over. But you have to do something. You have to take action.

For example, why not do-over the Programs Course? If you don’t have the Programs Course, hopefully you’re not reading this right now. Hopefully, you’re busy logging on to and snapping up that course at this very moment. That’s smart.

It’s funny in a very weird way. Some people think it costs too much. How about that next retreat? That lacking feeling raises its ugly head. It frightens you when it yells, “it costs too much.” That’s our wonderful ego in action. The very thing that could make us whole, that could bring about health, happy relationships, and solid finances, and our ego swoops in and throws a lacking feeling all over our mind like a wet blanket.

Let me ask you. Would it cost too much to actually fix whatever has been bugging you maybe all your life? Silly question isn’t it? “I’d do anything if I could resolve XYZ.” Then sign up. And don’t let that ego talk you out of it with another of its lies. A lie that says, you, who are an infinite, unlimited being, lack the money, or the time or whatever excuses that ego cooks up.

Oh yes, I haven’t forgotten I promised at the very beginning I would give you the perfect antidote to a lacking feeling. Let’s say your bills come in the mail and you’re swept away by a particular type of fear called lack. You get real nervous. Maybe a panic attack.

There’s an antidote that works instantly, perfectly. “So tell us already,” you’re saying. OK. Here goes: The perfect antidote is gratitude. Yes. When lack takes over, banish it immediately with gratitude. Be grateful. It works! Try it. You’ll like it.

Look around. Begin proclaiming gratitude for everything you have, for everything that’s good in your life, for everything that’s right in your life. Expressing gratitude opens you up to even more gifts. (By the way, you are keeping your gains in a special little book, aren’t you? Keeping gains is a way of expressing gratitude and opens you up for even more gains.)

Take a step. Step onward and upward. Do that Programs Course. Dig out those miser­able old programs that are holding you back. Step onward and upward. Make that call and sign up for the next retreat.

Don’t be stuck like Popeye. Get yourself a new life. Do it now before the ego talks you out of doing the very best thing that can happen to you and your life.

Now is the time to act. Decide. Be all you can be.

Take action in favor of yourself right now and you’ll have more and more to be grateful for.