The feeling of YES is the highest energy. Living from the state of YES is truly beautiful – So light, so easy. There are no problems. Things happen at the right time in the right way. Perfection is allowed to BE.

Nothing can compare to living in the state of YES (which is the state of love), not a house, not a car – not anything.

Put a miserable person in a new house or new car and they’ll still be miserable. But person living in the state of YES (AKA: pure love) They are complete just as they are.

Yet they can have the new house and new car if they make that choice to have them. They just make a “yes will be nice to have” choice and they find themselves having or living with the thing they decided upon. They don’t effort at it. They don’t struggle or worry how it’s going to come about. They just living in BEingness (the highest state) and say (feel) “yes” to what they want — and what they want shows up.

That’s why those that participate on the releasing courses and programs report such great gains. They get to experience living from their highest state — and what they decide to have, shows up in the best way possible for them.  They don’t try to figure things out. They don’t try to reason things through.

And they don’t analyze anything. They just decide and release whatever limitations arise. Then they receive the “thing” they decided on. Anyone can do that.

YOU can do that.

It just requires a conscious decision to do it.

Here are some of the gains our Release Technique students have been experiencing:

Money Pours in & Health Gets Better

“I have increased my present income by a little more than $3,000/month—consistently since mid March. I have improved my immunity, and while others around me are sneezing and congested with terrible allergies, I am unaffected. I have increased my productivity and use of time, able to spend quality time with baby while supporting us and our survival needs with less and less
feeling of “overwhelm.” ~Lesli Takasugi

Learns to Love Everyone & Everything

“Shoulder pain is gone after 1 year and couple months of continuous pain. Stopped compulsively eating out at restaurants which made a huge difference in our spending habits. The gains are so profound it always seems trite to write the physical gains down. All of the releasing exercises take you to a place of such peace and well being that the other things pale in comparison. Learning
to love everything and everyone…to see all of our limitations as a story we’re telling ourselves…learning to live without giving importance to the constant chatter in our minds. These are the true gains.” ~Molli Rathstone

Net Worth Increases Over 5 Figures

“I wake up feeling so light and relaxed and wonderful and I keep the feeling through the day. Things that used to bother me don’t matter any longer. Since April, my worth has increased well into five figures.” ~Carolyn Hudson

If you want the biggest gains – like the ones you read about from releasing graduates — just make the conscious decision to be on a releasing program!

Yes you can!

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