We have been practicing our attitudes and outlook for a real long time, habitually. If our attitudes and outlook, our habits of thinking, provide happiness, we should keep doing them.

For me, I knew that things were just a little off. In fact, in some areas they were a lot off. I was into good moods, bad moods, happy, sad, its working, it isn’t working, I knew, I didn’t know, I got, I didn’t get, I had, I didn’t have. I was bothered all the time. I had the feeling I was controlled by life, by the economy, by my body, by the news, by the weather, by whatever. I didn’t ever seem to have what I wanted and prospects of getting what I wanted were grim. At some point, we set up our lives so someone everyday says, we’re not getting any younger, you know?

It was like having a broken down old car and not being able to get it fixed-up. You just have to live with it—there goes another pet expression we often hear.
Guess what? In the weekend Abundance Course, I found out we do not have to live with it.

What I found out is that the negative is running our lives. I found out that changing our lives is about getting positive. I found out getting positive is not about, “having good thoughts,” repeating affirmations, or hanging positive sayings on the bathroom mirror. Believe me, I tried all of that over and over again.


We get positive by letting go of the negative. That’s it! I found out, when we let go of the negative, positive happens, everything starts coming our way.
We get positive when we release the negative. It’s that simple.

But sometimes, it’s not easy because we’ve had this negative habit for a very long time. Our mind will fight like heck to hang onto the negative. We know we have it, because we see the evidence of it in our daily lives. Things just don’t work like they should. We see the obvious negative stuff, of course.
However, most of the negative we have, we don’t see. At the Weekend Abundance Course, we learn that most of our negative thoughts and feelings are subconscious. Meaning, we don’t know it’s there. We cannot see our subconscious or unconscious negativity. Have you ever said, “Now, why did I do that?” We do negative things because we, our lives, are run in great part by our subconscious mind, our subconscious negativity. We live automatically, run by this negativity we don’t even see.

In the weekend Abundance Course, we learn the tools to easily locate and rid ourselves of this subconscious negativity. That’s why good things just start happening. We’ve let go of subconscious negativity so the bright sunlight of positive can begin to shine through.

In going to Abundance Courses, I saw that the negativity we carry around is stubborn, it doesn’t go so easily. I discovered the power of momentum. Momentum is the train going down the track 90 mph and you can’t stop it. That is the feeling of momentum. That is the feeling you get when you go to weekend Abundance Courses.

In the weekend class we “get high to release.” Getting high means, getting into a high energy, moving up from apathy, grief, fear, anger, moving up and learning to live in the high energies of courageousness, acceptance and peace. Getting high to release means, when we get into those high energies, releasing is easy and effortless. We just begin releasing all the time, naturally. Why? Because, we are not being blocked out by those low negative energies most of the planet lives in all the time. We have momentum.

I have Learned, Love is the Answer

The Abundance Course has allowed me to begin to see what that means. Apply love. Love yourself. Love everyone. The most prickly problem, the most difficult situation or person can be transformed by the power of love. When we learn to love, everything changes right before our very eyes. We learn of love at the weekend class.atlanta2

The weekend Abundance course has taught me that life is a decision and we can decide to be happy and have all we would like to have right now. We can be all loving, all successful, all happy, all abundant right now.

I have learned being happy, being loving, being successful, having abundance in every area of our life, is very simple. All we have to do is let go of our negativity. It’s so obvious and we all know it, but we miss seeing it because we are swept away by the daily demands of the world.

The weekend Abundance Course is our chance to do something for ourselves. To step out of the ordinary and give ourselves the opportunity to learn of, to practice and to be extraordinary. We can do it if we decide to show up. We can gain the momentum and be positive, happy, and have what we want all the time.

Life is a decision. To get something different we have to do something different.

So, practice love. Love. Love. Love. And, your life will be transformed.

Come to the weekend class and learn how to do it.

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Video!  How the Release Technique Can Change Your Life!

Video! How the Release Technique Can Change Your Life!