First of all in order for us to live more abundantly, we need to accept that it is possible.  If we disagree on some level about being able to have and enjoy abundance, we are actually pushing abundance away from our lives.  We push abundance away once, then again, and eventually this becomes a habit.  The reason we push abundance away is because we have a subconscious fear or aversion about feeling safe in relation to having or receiving abundance.  So often when we are in fear, we mistakenly believe that the fear is protecting us in some way.  The only thing fear is capable of doing is inviting itself into our life and creating the exact thing we wish to avoid. Fear is tricky… it may present itself initially as a concern or possibly a frustration.  Perhaps it’s a momentary thought about being cautious about something.  However the fear shows up, it is because we are feeling unsafe or possibly guilty to receive abundance. 

The saying, “Fear it, appear it!” is what results when we are focusing on fear.  The fear is actually trying to get our attention so that we can release it.  If you are doing this catch this immediately, and remind yourself that, “You are now safe!  It is Ok to have abundance!  Everything is now 100% perfect!”  And simply begin to release the fear, “Fear, I love you and I’m letting you go.”  By holding in mind being safe, we are creating having safety.  By holding in mind fear (worry, concern, or doubt), we are strengthening our desire to experience some unwanted situation.  Sometimes the fear presents itself in the form of confusion (also known as figuring out what to do).  In all honesty, fear is only showing up because it is an incident from the past.  Please remember that nothing bad could ever happen to us, unless we had a fear about it at some previous time. 

Living abundantly means we consciously choose to leave the fear, grief and guilt behind and instead easily allow ourselves to try new things… to have, be and do things in a positive way.  In order to have abundance, we have to step out of our comfort zone.  Regardless of our current circumstances we can begin practicing having a good attitude.  We can be grateful for everything in our life.  This truly is the key to success.  If we are in a difficult job or relationship, instead of fighting to be right, practice loving yourself and everything related to the situation.  Having a good attitude and a good outlook simply requires deciding to hold in mind peaceful and harmonious outcomes at all times.  Abundance is so much more than just financial rewards.  Abundance also includes good health, feelings of being safe, and having a sense of trusting everything will work out perfectly.  Abundance also includes enjoying good and satisfying relationships with our Self and with others.  Abundance is having peace of mind, feeling good, achieving our goals and being successful in all areas of our lives.  What’s wrong with living in an all-abundant reality?  There is nothing wrong with it; we just aren’t used to believing it is possible.  Let go of believing, “This is too good to be true!”  Abundance doesn’t keep score.  It just keeps fueling itself positively because that is what we are holding in mind.  Instead of concentrating on lack or scarcity – change your focus to see that there really is plenty.  Trust that there is enough.   Begin believing, “There is plenty!”  And guess what, you will have plenty!

When we are focusing on abundance it is a natural and enjoyable sensation.  Think of attending a child’s birthday party or perhaps being around children around the holidays.  Children love to receive and often are willing to share.  Children experience life in the present moment.  They have no real sense of time or obligation.  They just enjoy having, being and doing.  However, somewhere between childhood and adulthood we temporarily misplaced our sense of wonder and delight.  We decided at some point to postpone our happiness until a later time.  We erroneously conditioned ourselves to believe that on some level we are unworthy or that we shouldn’t have, be or do.  Trust that all of the goodness is still there inside of you eagerly waiting to come to the surface and share with you.  It is Ok to live abundantly. Tell this to yourself often. Decide to have plenty of time… Decide to have and experience wonderful friendships… decide to have and enjoy there is always plenty of money… whatever you would like to occur, give yourself permission to enjoy living abundantly and watch what happens.