Here are several things that you can easily do to begin feeling happier each day.  You will be as happy as you decide to be. In deciding to do nothing, that is exactly what you will accomplish — NOTHING.  Your life is, and always will be, a reflection of what you are holding in mind.

Releasing is the most positive activity that you can incorporate into your life that will allow you to continuously feel happier.

1)  Make a decision to experience happiness at all times by having a positive intention for everything you do. Enjoyment is only possible if we are in CAP as there is no releasing in AGFLAP.  Life is a decision!  Enjoy everything!  You are the boss!

2)  Decide to have a good attitude. This is also a decision.

3)  Develop an attitude of gratitude.  Be grateful for all of the good things that you experience.  Rewards yourself and others in generous ways.  Make it a point to jot down your gains on a daily basis. Say “Thank you!” as this feels wonderful.

4) Look for goodness in every situation.  See everything as perfect.  By releasing, you can shift your perception and see that you are the creator of everything that you experience.

5) Love yourself by giving yourself love and approval on a regular basis.

6) Try new things.  By trying new things will help you to move out of your comfort zone.  If we always do, that which we have always done, we will continue to experience the same results.  Challenge yourself positively!

7) How we do anything, is how we do everything!  Do things that make you feel good!    Whatever you are doing, do it well!

8) Practice laughing often.  Laughter is a fun and healthy way to instantly feel joy.

9) Hold in mind that you are always safe.  Throughout the day remind yourself that you are safe.  If you are feeling insecure or uncertain about something, it is a good idea to see this feeling as something that is trying to get your attention.  Your feelings are coming up so they can be released.  Remember ALL feelings want to leave.

10) Let go of wanting to be right.  In letting of wanting to be right, you are also letting go of holding onto being stuck or wanting to change something.

11) Keep up your momentum by continuing to practice releasing on a regular basis.  The more we practice releasing, the better we can discriminate.  Each time we release, we get lighter and happier. When you get to a good place, ask yourself, “Could it get any better?” which is Step No. 6 of the method.  Keep going!

12) Share with others is being selfless.  There is so much we can share with one another.  We can share love, time, energy, compliments, generosities, assistance and so much more.

13) Sharing the method with others is a magnificent way for you and others to experience happiness; simply because the more people that release in our environment allows more joy and happiness to be experienced by all.

Each and every time you are positive, you are creating better outcomes for yourself.  You are helping yourself to develop better self-esteem.  Your health, confidence, relationships, and other areas of your life will continue to improve.  The investment you are making in yourself comes with amazing benefits – it is called being happy with no sorrow.