Article Contributed by Jenny LaFontaine

So what is the big deal about the 90-day program?

Why do so many people do it – and not just once, but over and over and over again?

I have done 4 of the 90-day programs now. There is another one coming up starting on October 25th so I would like to share with you some of my experiences with the program and why I keep coming back for more!

I love the CAP calls. Monday through Friday, every morning, one of the teachers will lead us through a cleanup and getting into CAP (Courageousness, Acceptance and Peace). Before I took the first 90-day course it took me awhile to get into CAP. When you do it every morning for several weeks it becomes easy – it is just a choice. After a couple of weeks the teacher would say – “OK, just get into CAP.” I would be there instantly. Then at any point during the day I would take a check, see if I was in CAP and if not, just make the choice to be there. Imagine being able to be in Courageousness in an instant, or choosing to be in Peace – just with a thought, anytime you like. That by itself improved my life tremendously. I started spending more and more time in that delightful place of CAP – from where, of course, it is easy to release.

The other part of the CAP calls is that people share their gains. Now I have to admit that during the first 90-day program I could not relate to many of the gains and I felt like ‘they’ could get gains, but not me. Now I am sharing those same kinds of gains and I can look back on where I came from and simply marvel. I remember very clearly, at the end of my first 90-day, writing my gains and realizing that I had so much more love in my life – especially with my children and even with my previous husband. I felt more in control of my life and definitely felt more secure. Wow – letting go of wanting approval, wanting control and wanting safety must really work!

Another huge gain was that I dropped tremendous amounts of self-disapproval and was really able to love myself. That was also the time that I lost about 15 pounds in weight that I had been struggling with for years. I remember coming to the place of completely and unconditionally loving my belly exactly as it was. That was the turning point. After that it was really easy to lose the weight. Now I eat what I want and maintain my weight with ease. It was during that first 90-day program that my happiness levels really started to go up. When I started releasing I was down at about a 3 or 4 out of 10 (10 being completely happy, 0 being suicidal) and by the end of that 90-day program I was probably at about a 6 or 7. Now I live at around a 9.

Perhaps the biggest and most important reason that I do the 90-day Programs is because it has brought releasing into my everyday life. I have had 50+ years of living as a limited, fearful, resistant, wanting person – to a greater or lesser extent! Actually there is a gain right there. The fact that I can even write that now without beating myself up is HUGE. I used to be a beating myself up MACHINE before I started Releasing!

Now of course no one else in the history of mankind has ever had fear, resistance or wanting. But I mention it just in case there is maybe one other person out there that knows what I’m talking about. None of you though I’m sure!

I was under no illusion that it could take just a little bit of time and effort to change 50+ years of history. What has been absolutely amazing is how much HAS changed and how FAST it has changed. I can honestly say that the 90-day Program has been the key.– Having the CAP calls, a releasing partner, Tuesday night and mentor calls is what has made Lester’s Step #4 – ‘Make releasing constant’, more and more of a reality for me. That’s when the gains really come in.

Every Tuesday night we had a 2 hour call. This call is now led by Kris and then one of the teachers would lead us through a different aspect of releasing each week. I can tell you that however often we focus on a subject I ALWAYS get something more, something different from it. Every single week I would get another Ah ha moment, another big shift in myself, my life would get better.
Have you ever read a book or watched a movie more than once? Did you notice that the second time through there were different passages in the book that you never remembered reading? Or in the movie there was a scene that you ‘understood’ in a whole different way that perhaps explained far more about the story than you ‘got’ the first time? I know every time I pick up one of Lester’s books or listen again to any of the CD’s I see or hear something ‘new’. Then there is what I get from the 90-day Program.

I have ‘done’ Pride exercises countless numbers of times. Every time I have gone further with it. What has REALLY made the difference for me, is hearing a different teacher talk about it each time. Every one of them says it in a slightly different way, tells a different story about it. Just this week, in the Financial Freedom course, Larry told a story about a woman in ‘releasing pride’ (I’m a releaser, a very subtle place of better than you ……. Kind of pride) that gave me yet another insight into my own pride and how it has affected my family relationships. In this last 90-day program I had a huge breakthrough with Pride. It came, in part, from finally being able to really let go of disapproving of Pride. Then suddenly I was able to see it where I just hadn’t before. Lester says “Pride is a Hide”. I get it Lester. I can even feel it in my face muscles when it shows up now. It took persistence and momentum to get there. It took paying attention to what others had to say about it and then experiencing it myself. Was it worth all that time and energy? Absolutely! That shift has allowed me to completely blow the roof off AGFLAP and move up into CAP in a far deeper way. There is a whole lot more to write about this …. Another time.

I cannot say enough about having a releasing partner. I first started working with a partner doing the Goals and Resistance course. That is when Releasing for me went to a whole new level. Having someone I was accountable to was a large part of it. When resistance hit – as it does, she was there to help me through it. We often hit it at the same time so then we could laugh about it and be OK to resist together – which of course shifted it as we went into acceptance.

Accountability is a large part of the 90-day programs and why, I think, they have been so successful. Apart from a releasing partner we also have a mentor. Every week I send them an accountability sheet. We are talking releasers here so no one is going to disapprove of me if I don’t do my homework! However, it is a little prod for me to make sure I at least do my best. Then the more I do the more gains I get. So who is really the winner here? Me of course, and my partner, because we keep each other going.

A totally unique part of the 90-day program over ANY of the other programs is that we have a mentor. For 3 full months we have direct access to a teacher. We have their email and their cell phone number. Any time I got stuck I would first call my releasing partner, or the support line. If we couldn’t work it out then I would call my mentor. I cannot tell you what a huge support that was to have someone there for me to help me out when I really needed it. Lester knew it would happen – that is why he put in Step #5. What the mentors did for me was not just help me out of the stuckness but, perhaps more importantly, they showed me how I could get myself out. So over the course of four 90-day programs I called them less and less and it was quicker and quicker to get out of the stuckness.

One final word. I have to admit that after the first 90-day I wondered if I really needed to do another one. After all, I could listen to the archived recordings of the first one I had done. Back then what made me decide to continue was that I saw that as we progressed through the course, even the teachers were changing. They were moving up too so the CAP calls and the other calls where ‘moving up’ as well. Now, after four 90-days, I can see a very powerful dynamic of all of us together. We have ALL moved up and as others join us, they move right up there too. The changes are becoming faster, deeper, more profound and ……. EASIER! I have heard the teachers comment on this too.

So the only question that remains is – how much do I really want Freedom (and Life Mastery, happiness, love, abundance, a better and better life …..), and when – sooner or later.