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Private 5-Day

Fear of Living

Virtual Retreat

July 20 - 24, 2022


EVERYTHING gets better –
and feels better – when

Fear of Living Energy


Dear advanced releasing student,

Once per year we hold an advanced releasing intensive.

It’s private.

It takes place over 5 “compact” days (from July 20th to July 24th, 2022).

There are only two ways to attend the private, advanced releasing intensive — called the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat:

#1). Either be signed up to a 5180 Package (which, as you probably know, requires a $5,180 investment)…


#2). For select advanced releasers (and for a limited time only) we are opening up a few spots onto Fear of Living Virtual Retreat — as a stand-alone course.

So, (with option #2), instead of the $5,180 investment (that you’d normally be required to pay to gain access onto the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat)…

You can attend this year’s Fear of Living Retreat intensive, for just $5,180 $2,995 (a $2,185 SAVING).

Now, just what is the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat all about?

Fear of dying, maybe… but, come on… fear of living!?

Yes, fear of living.

You know, sometimes we recognize we have a fear of living.

Like when we worry or stress-out over an upcoming event or situation…

Or we feel like we can’t cope with life…

Or we can’t see how we can afford to get through the month… etc.

But most of the time, this sense of a fear of living goes unnoticed…

Or unconsciously ignored…

Hidden" beneath the busyness of your day-to-day living

But it’s there.

Always lurking.

Always ready to flare up, overwhelming you…

Like, say, when a major setback or unexpected change comes at you from out of nowhere.

Point being:

Fear of living is always there…

Ready to bring you down




Which does you no good at all.

Because this fear of living robs you of your innate joy…

It completely snatches away your peace of mind…

And makes it impossible for you to truly live a contented and happy life.

This fear of living also prevents you from stepping out of your comfort zone… from really going for what you want in life.

And so, one way or another, this insidious fear of living diminishes your spirit, smothers your energy and deflates your capacity to enjoy all that life has to offer.


Which is possible for you this summer, through the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat (July 20th to July 24th, 2022).

See, the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat is really all about…

Giving you back the feeling of being fully ALIVE and fully SAFE in life -- no matter what setbacks you encounter

And it is this capacity to feel fully alive and fully safe in life — (no matter what) — that allows you to rise to your highest potential.

It’s what gives you a renewed (or reawakened) zest for living.

It’s what makes you want to fully go for it — in any and every area at which you wish to excel.

It enables you to express your unique creativity and individual brilliance.

It’s what “fuels” you forward when all around you, others are crumbling, giving up and losing hope.

It’s what enlivens your spirit, your energy and even your innate intelligence.

It “opens” you up to joy — so Life itself can pour abundance into every area of your life.

All this (and more) happens when fear of living energy is released.

EVERYTHING gets better – and feels better – when enough of this fear of living energy is RELEASED

But, again, this fear of living energy is tricky to “see” and to get at.

Just like computer code…

Or a magicians hidden card…

Or a black cat sleeping in a pitch-dark attic…

We know it’s there…

We just can’t see it!

So, first of all, we need to go-within and shine the torch of awareness onto this fear of living energy.

Then, we need the right releasing tools to release it.

And we need to go DEEP and WIDE on this releasing – releasing away “compacted layers” of this deeply embedded fear of living energy.

Which is exactly the point (and the process we go through) on the 5-day Fear of Living Virtual Retreat.

As they say in the Star Trek series…

We (on the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat) “go boldly where no man has gone before.”

And that requires close attention, and personal support from our experienced and highly-attuned releasing teachers.

And that’s why the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat is held in smaller groups, with a lot of one-on-one attention from our releasing teachers.

This is also the reason why the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat is a wildly different experience from any other course we offer.

We simply cannot express the magnitude of the difference it makes to release in this intimate, private Virtual Retreat environment.

The closest we can get to expressing — in words — the difference this virtual retreat makes, is to say…

Once you release enough of this “hidden” fear of living energy…

Body tension melts away…

Mental stress disappears…

Anxiety evaporates…

You don’t feel so rushed or pressured by life…

You become more effective at everything you do…

You find yourself engaging with other people with more confidence and poise…

You “relax into life” in a way that feels so nourishing to your spirit and your soul…

You exude a presence that others notice, are innately attracted to, and positively respond to…

You feel comfortable in your own skin in a way that you never knew was possible before…

You take quick, intelligent action without any sense of mental effort…

You walk taller and smile more often…

You feel a profound sense of joy and appreciation DEEP within your being…

You find yourself naturally doing the right things and accomplishing things that were always out of your reach before…

Life itself becomes more playful…

It “opens up” for you in new and exciting ways…

And abundance (in all its forms) speedily comes into your life… more and more frequently… just in the living of life itself.

All in all…

You start to FULLY LIVE each day as an expression of the person you’ve always longed to BE

This is what the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat can do for you.

This is what the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat can bring to you.

This is what the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat can make happen for you.

But you do have to be on it to experience the transformative experiences it brings into your life.

Which, as mentioned before, is only possible if you take one of the 5180 Packages… or…

You are an advanced releaser who is now seeing this page – and you wish to take the Fear of Living Virtual Retreat as a stand-alone course for $5,180 $2,995 (a $2,185 SAVING).

In either case – here is how to register:

Register for the Virtual Fear of Living Retreat

(If you purchased a 5180 package from Jan 2020- 2022 please call the office or email to see if you qualify to register for this class part of your 5180 package.)

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Saturday, September 4 — 7:30am – 11:30am
Sunday, September 5 — 7:30am – 11:30am
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