So often when we are faced with a challenge or problem, we unknowingly begin figuring out what to do.  We look at the situation in every way possible and ultimately wind up feeling frustrated.  Each time we attempt to fix what is bothering us keeps bringing us back to the original place where we started.  The starting point is always the same.  We are facing our resistance and we don’t know what to do, to fix it or change, how we are feeling.  We didn’t figure out what to do to feel better.  And, we still don’t have an answer or resolution to our frustration.  Because we didn’t resolve the matter (regardless of how many times we attempted to figure out what to do), we start unconsciously disapproving of ourselves.  When disapproving of ourselves also didn’t resolve the matter, we then move on and begin disapproving of others.  Surely disapproving of others doesn’t help us to feel better; so we move on again, and begin disapproving of something else.  And we do this anytime we have an apparent problem that we don’t know what to do.  This strategy clearly doesn’t work.  Anytime we are acting in this way, we aren’t releasing.  And yet we keep trying to fix situations by repeating these same steps.  The only reason we keep trying to resolve matters in this same manner, is simply because we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe, “That if we keep trying… eventually we’ll figure it out.”  Please see this pattern as a program that is running and release what you are holding in mind.

Anytime we are trying to figure out what to do, we are actually spinning in a web of being out of control.  We are looking for approval where it isn’t.  We desperately want to be safe which is protecting ourselves with fear.  We also have a tremendous sense of wanting to be separate from facing what we are holding in mind.  All of this suggests that steps 1-6 are not in place.  We are trying to control the stuckness by means of avoidance and struggle.  We are miserable because we are struggling.  We are holding onto AGFLAP (or other lacking feelings or stories), coming from the past, that are coming up and trying to leave.  Can you see how much effort goes into this process of figuring things out?  None of this is good or bad; it is just a habit that we haven’t yet realized that we can do without.  By wanting to change something or wanting to figure things out, actually moves us away from being at peace or having a resolution.  The feelings, which belong to us, are coming up into our awareness so we can take notice of these patterns and finally release the underlying cause.  If we move towards the resistance, we will immediately begin to feel lighter and happier.  We have two choices.  We can move towards the resistance (aversion), or we can choose to move in the opposite direction.  By taking the path of avoidance, we are making a decision to look away from the challenge that we have created for ourselves.  What this means is, when we choose to avoid how we feel as issues come up, only results in our having to face the issue at a future time.  Unless we decide to face and release the thoughts that we are holding in mind, our feelings and programs will remain in place.   Lester Levenson and Larry Crane has said, “Whatever we resist‒will persist!”  This points out that we are the creators of everything that we experience.

The goal is happiness with no sorrow.  So in order for us to achieve this goal, we need to consciously and regularly strengthen our intention to be free of whatever feelings or issues that arise.  We need to remind ourselves, “I am the Boss!  I am in charge!”  We need to further remind ourselves that when we are in courageousness, acceptance, and peace that we can easily move past feeling limited or stuck.  Through releasing, we have learned that we are not our feelings.  Our thoughts correspond to whatever level of AGFLAP/CAP that we were feeling at the time any decision was made.  We know that by not wanting to face an issue, or by deciding to avoid taking responsibility for our feelings, we will continue to experience unhappiness in relation to whatever we are sidestepping. So if finances are a challenge to us, this issue will keep surfacing until faced.  If we are experiencing relationship difficulties, those challenges will follow us from one relationship to another trying to get our attention.  Again this only points out that these matters exist because we are holding onto them.  If we are facing health issues, we can be certain these limitations will continue to challenge us until we examine our thinking, and correct what we are holding in mind.

All feelings, are pointing out to us, that we have things to be released.  When we let go of the not-so-good feelings, we are making room for peace and positivity to come into our life.  By letting go of the good feelings, we are allowing more goodness and abundance to come into our awareness.  This cycle is a continual moving forward as there are deeper issues related to areas of health, wealth and relationships that we haven’t yet discovered.  Each time we release, we get to feel happier and lighter.  In order to release, we need to be in CAP as there is no releasing in AGFLAP.  Make an intention to be free of holding onto fear (and other AGFLAP).  Also leave resistance, lack, and wanting to figure things out in the past.  Move forward each day by holding in mind only what you would like to experience.  Love yourself more each day.  Be willing to see everything as an opportunity to release.  The more we practice releasing, the easier life gets.  Challenge yourself to have more, do more, and be more.  Dare to think bigger in a positive way!  Abundance is available to everyone.  It exists right where you are.  Love and happiness are your basic nature.  See this for yourself and claim victory over limitations and excuses.  There are no limitations, unless we are holding them in mind…