This website is all about one single purpose: Unlimited Happiness.

That’s saying a lot… and you may even ask, “How do you even quantify unlimited happiness?”

Well, the definition is simple. What we’re talking about is having a constant state of happiness with no trace of sorrow, whatsoever.

Is it possible?

You bet.

As you will read throughout this blog, ordinary people will describe how they have applied a simple, step-by-step method of eliminating all forms of negativity on the spot. This method was developed by a physicist and engineer named, Lester Levenson.

What Lester stumbled upon, and made available for the rest of us to follow is pure genius in its simplicity and effectiveness.

So, when we talk about living a life with unlimited happiness, we’re not going to express it in some ambiguous, airy-fairy way.

We’re going to give you real world examples of how we have applied Lester’s method and used it to change our lives. We’re going to provide you with concrete examples of how easy this method is to use.

If you’re here to just find out what Lester’s Release Technique is all about, take a look around. Many of the people you will see here have experienced such life-changing gains out of releasing that they now volunteer their time to get this method out to the rest of the world.

Some of them travel across the country to teach this method in weekend classes, called The Abundance Course. Others provide releasing support over the phone and in person.

The Release Technique has always provided unlimited, personal support to those using the method. This level of support is unheard of with other self-help organizations. The reason for this is because the method works, plain and simple.

We invite you to judge for yourself about where we’re coming from. We also invite you to not believe anything we say, but take it for checking and prove to yourself that you can achieve total happiness in your life.

If you are a Release Technique graduate, stick around. We’re here to support you and help keep your momentum moving up and up.

You’ll find many great tips that will help you get the most out of your releasing.

We’re going to keep things practical and easy. If you need direct or comprehensive help, feel free to call us at 1-888-735-3731.

Remember, releasing is a skill – a tool that you use to eliminate any negativity you’re experiencing in your life. We don’t do anything for you except show you what Lester showed us. The more you practice this natural ability to let go, the easier it gets, the easier life gets, and the happier you feel – all the time.

So, thank you for allowing us to share our experiences with you and…

Welcome to the Love Boat!