Stress is anything that causes us to feel insecure.  For the most part, we think stress is a normal part of life.  Stress is actually resistance.  Whenever we are struggling with something, we are feeding a part of ourself with negativity. We haven’t fully decided to move forward, to do, or not do something.  We are playing a game called “What if this happens?”  We are spinning in a web of fear.  We are hoping someone will come along and make decisions for us so that we no longer have to deal with our current circumstances or the stress that we are experiencing.  This mind-set certainly creates feelings of being stressed.  This cycle is often an indication of not knowing what-to-do.  We are afraid to make decisions; perhaps we’ll make the wrong choice.  The decision we may settle on is the “Play-it-Safe…, Wait-and-See…, and maybe tomorrow things will be different.”  The reality in thinking this way is that we are looking forward to tomorrow and it never comes.  We wait… and wait… and wait… and nothing changes because the decision we made is maybe tomorrow… Notice how disempowering and limiting these choices make us feel.  And we wonder why we feel stressed?  We are creating our own reality with our thoughts.

It is helpful to let go of thinking in an “all or nothing reality,” as these choices affect every area of our life.  By thinking negatively, we are inviting more negativity into our lives.  Negativity is a breeding ground for becoming unhealthy in body and mind.  As one area of our life is affected with negativity or stress, it spirals into other areas, causing us to feel even more stressed.  See this for yourself and stop feeding negative situations with more negativity. If we keep doing things, in the same way, we are going to keep getting similar results.  Whatever you do “never give up,” as that creates a victory for negativity and stressful outcomes.  Giving up, is another reason why we feel stressed.  Change your mind and everything changes.

Stress is an unnecessary choice that we made.  The good news is we can overcome being stressed.  The saying, “Fake it, till you make it” is optimistic.  “I can get through this!”  Being positive helps stressful situations resolve themselves.  Holding in mind goodness and better outcomes helps us to experience more positive results.  In order to relieve stress, we have to make better choices.  Change your reality by deciding to be loving and positive towards yourself and your circumstances.  Take responsibility for what you are holding in mind.  Positive thoughts create pleasant experiences.  There is no effort or struggle when we are in a good mood.  Everything works out easily.

Life is a decision. You decide – stressful or peaceful. Practice stress-free living and there’s no stress.  Practice being positive!  Practice making better decisions!  Practice having better results!  You are the only one who can make yourself happy.  Practice being happy!