What is the difference between a Dream and a Goal? A cynic would say the difference is “almost”: a Dream never comes true and Goals almost never do.

I say a Goal is a Dream with a proven process behind it to turn it into Reality.

We need Dreams. Humans have so much negativity to contend with that Dreams are part of what keep us afloat. It is a bit of sunlight in the bleakness that our negative Egos weave around us. Dreams give us hope. Hope keeps us going. New Dreams bring new hope and around and around we can go again, surviving the negativity one more day.

Business techniques for achieving Goals abound, but in my experience they don’t work. There is usually no process for achieving them that is reproducible – that is, nothing that works time and again. It is the negativity that gets in the way of getting our Goal, in fact, it sabotages us before we even get close.

What we don’t know is that it is the Ego-Mind’s job to keep all the sabotaging negativity hidden from our awareness. We can’t see the hidden feelings and thoughts that are really keeping us from achieving our goals, so we can’t do anything about them. And the Ego likes that just fine!

Well, we didn’t know what to do about the “hidden stuff” between us and our dreams and goals …until Releasing. In the Abundance Course you easily learn all about how to bring the hidden feelings and thoughts out into the open and then decide whether to hang on to them or let them go. And between us, why would you hang on to anything that is between you and having your Dreams and Goals?

The Release Technique, then, is your basic toolkit to achieving any dream or goal. Just keep doing it! This is a skill, and practice makes perfect. The more goals you practice with, the easier it gets to manifest your goals at will.

By the way, The Abundance Course home study CD set or the live Abundance Course are our only courses which actually teach the Release Technique. All other courses suppose that you have already learned it, and so don’t teach it again. You need the Abundance Course! You easily learn to develop goals during this course and how to use the releasing tools to get your goals.

Our library of programs also offers you even more practice with other CD courses so that your goal-manifesting skill develops with ease. You might try The Butt System or The Goals & Resistance Course.

A Goal is a Dream with a proven process behind it – Releasing – that turns it into Reality. Think big, dream big, and set big goals for yourself, then do the Releasing. It is as easy as that!