One of the most powerful questions a person can ask themselves (which I’d like to share with you) is this: What is it COSTING YOU to remain in the life you’re currently living?

Think about that for a moment. What is it you are currently doing (or not doing) in your life that you would like to change? And then ask yourself what it’s costing you NOT to change that. What is it costing you financially? But “cost” doesn’t just mean a financial cost. In other words: What is your current lifestyle costing you in missed opportunities? What is it costing you emotionally? What is it costing you mentally? And spiritually?

Because when it comes right down to it everything that you do (or don’t do) that you would like to change has a “cost” on your life. Take being overweight as an example. If you were over weight and you wanted to change that—what could be the “cost” of staying overweight?

Maybe there’s a financial cost of buying too much unnecessary food. Maybe there’s a social cost of not “putting yourself out there” to do fun things and meet new exciting people. Maybe there would be an emotional cost due to lack of self-esteem. Perhaps there’d be health cost. And so on.

Whatever you want to change in your life probably has a number of different “costs” associated with not changing it. I don’t know exactly what those costs are for you. But you most definitely do. Just check in with yourself. Then you’ll know all the ways your current unwanted condition / situation / circumstance is limiting your life.

The question then becomes: Are you prepared to live with those life-limiting costs? Again, I don’t know. But you do. Deep down you do, at least. The only thing I know for certain is if you don’t release all your current subconscious programs and beliefs around what you want to change—any attempt you make to change yourself will be short lived. Sure you may make a bit of progress in the right direction. But until (and unless) you release your subconscious programs and beliefs around whatever issue you want to change (be it financially, health-wise, or in your relationships) you will never make true and lasting change “from the inside out”.

Unfortunately, releasing (and clearing) your really DEEP SEATED self-sabotage programs and beliefs is just about impossible—no matter what the latest self-help technique promises. The good news is releasing (and clearing) your self-sabotage programs and beliefs is AUTOMATIC when you “get out of your head” and instead work on your instinctual FEELING level around the issue/behavior you want to change. And that’s EXACTLY what the upcoming “Change Your Life” Teleconference Course will allow you to do. You’ll be guided experientially through the process of releasing (clearing) your DEEP-SEATED programs, beliefs AND FEELINGS that are currently putting a HUGE COST on your life. And it doesn’t take long either. The whole process is QUICK, FUN and readily SELF-EVIDENT to you. Meaning when you go through the “Change Your Life” Teleconference Course you’ll just NATURALLY (AND AUTOMATICALLY) start doing the things you’ve been trying to get yourself to do for years. And all that emotional, mental and financial cost (angst!) just melts away—leaving you happy, peaceful and fully energised.

So, if you’re ready to make a change in your life – the most natural way to do it easily and effortlessly is by participating in the “Change Your Life” Teleconference Course—you can find out how to participate in that course here. On the other hand, if you’re completely happy with your life, congratulations.

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PS. Jean Bousgreer released her “no go” feelings around doing her taxes—read what she has to say about that: “I have a quieter mind. I am releasing huge amounts of feelings in a very short time. When I started releasing in July 2010, I had been procrastinating for 4 years to do and file my tax returns. Within a month, I had filed 3 years, and the 4th was done by December. I received $14,000 in refunds.” Jean Bousgreer, IA. You may not be backed up on taxes. But there’s probably something in your life you want to get a handle on finally. Whatever that “something” is the “Change Your Life” Teleconference Course will resolve it for you.

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