Human potential. We thought we had done it all when we ran the 4-minute mile, went to the moon, learned how to read 25,000 words per minute … The list could go on.

We are always seeking to reach our own highest potential as individuals. We think if we go to college or learn a rare skill and make it big in life, that will do it for us. And when we’ve done that, we are still unhappy.

Because we are never happy with the little slice of life we are living, we go back and try something else to “reach our highest potential”. And over and over. We end up calling it a pipe-dream.

With the Release Technique as a daily habit, you really get to understand that humans limit themselves in all sorts of unbelievable ways. We listen to all manner of negativity and scandal and melodrama and madness every day and call it normal. As you use the Technique to drop negativity, you realize that negativity is the illusion – happiness is the reality.

Happiness, unlimited living (and I’m not just talking about money), inner serenity and freedom all the time can be normal. A feeling of abundance and all-havingness is what becomes normal for you, and that’s more than most people even dare dream of.

The Release Technique allows you to dream big, have it big, and be happy. It sounds like a tall order, but just read some of the testimonials on our website! Then try the course for yourself and take it for checking! Set your sights very high. Lester Levenson used to say, “Every impossible, no matter how impossible, is immediately possible when you are released on it.”