Is the world really a reflection of what’s going on in our mind?

Is everything that has ever happened to us really a product of our decisions?

Believe me, I understand if you may find this to be a ridiculous notion. Why would someone decide to experience a big smash-up in their life? Who, in their right mind, would decide to get abused, killed, and so on?

It’s not my intention to open up a philosophical discussion. Rather, in an effort to keep this idea – that each of us decides what we experience – practical (and scientifically provable), I simply want to point out basic, observable facts and invite you to take them for checking so you can get your own answers.

So with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the decisions we’re making.

I’m going to first point out three different methods in which everything (good or bad) that happens to us is the result of previous decisions we’ve made. Then we’ll look at easy, practical solutions that enable us to take charge and have only what we want in life.

The first method we use to create our reality is through fear. In fact, fear may even be the number one cause of bad things happening in our lives.

As you release, you’ll discover more and more that the mind is a creative instrument. You’ve probably heard many people say before that you get what you hold in mind. An easy way to see this concept in action is to think about someone who’s angry all of the time. What does their life reflect? Chances are it’s a demonstration of pulling in conflict and frustration.

Do you know someone who, say, is afraid of getting speeding tickets and gets pulled over all the time? I wonder why…

So, we can see to some degree that the mind is creative.

The mind also operates only in pictures. If I say the word ‘monkey,’ you don’t picture the word, m-o-n-k-e-y. You get a picture of a little brown creature. It may be fuzzy or clear, but it’s a picture nonetheless.

Now… in dealing with pictures, the mind doesn’t process the words: don’t, not, etc. What I mean is… if I say, “Don’t fall down,” you get a picture of falling down. The mind skips right over the word ‘don’t’ and goes directly to the picture of falling down.

So that’s how we create trouble for ourselves with fear. When we’re afraid of something happening, what are we holding in mind?

We’re holding in mind a picture of that thing happening!

Guess what… since the mind is creative, we are in effect pulling that thing that we don’t want right toward us.

Since we’re in effect creating the situation by holding it in mind, you might even say that we are, in fact, deciding to create it. That may sound like a harsh jump in logic, but it’s a point of view that certainly puts you in the driver’s seat. That’s good news because if you’re creating an undesirable situation, you can uncreate it by getting rid of the fear.

If you already have the Abundance Course, take a look at this CD from Larry about Dropping Fear and Worry Once and for All. That fantastic audio will guide you to dropping every ounce of fear so you don’t have to be run by it.

Honestly, do what it takes to drop all of your fear. It doesn’t help you – it’s like jumping into a swimming pool with a bag of cement strapped to you, thinking it’ll keep you safe. The tools are available and they’re easy to use, you just have to use them.

We’ll continue in the next article by looking at a second method in which we create our reality.