I want to take a moment to share my experiences from when I first learned the method.

I feel it’s important because it represents a prominent point that’s made during the live events and throughout the ongoing releasing support.

The point I’m talking about is this: Life is a Decision.

In a recent post by Rebecca Quave, she explains how the mind is a creative instrument that turns your mental pictures into reality.

So, if you have the ability to choose what pictures you hold in mind, you will have the ability to dictate how your life unfolds.

The problem with most people is that the mind is running amok with pictures they don’t like and they don’t realize they have the ability to get rid of them.

Using the method, the tools are available knock out the unwanted, negative pictures.

The key to successfully knocking out the unwanted barriers is simply deciding to do so. That almost sounds too easy, but it really is that simple…

Even though you may have the tools, you must decide to use them.

I found this out in a very big way when I first learned to release and what I discovered has made all the difference since then.

I was laid off from a fantastic job six months before I went to a live class. As a result, I was becoming desperate for an answer to what I wanted to do with my life.

I also walked into that class with a very big ego — only I wasn’t prepared to admit it. A fortunate thing happened in that my ego got stirred up in a big way. In fact, I was so stirred up that I almost walked out of the class.

I was fortunate because the live class had quickly given me enough momentum and discrimination that, even though the feelings that erupted from my center were deep and massive, I decided to stand up to them and knock them out, no matter how long it took.

Indeed, it did take a long time. After the class concluded on that first evening, I sat with those feelings and released them until they were completely gone. I worked on them until 3:00 a.m.

What I experienced that night was a total breakthrough that allowed me to really dig into the material that was presented to me throughout the rest of the weekend.

But that’s not all…

I had the pleasure of meeting someone at this class who had used the Release Technique to achieve a very high level of freedom. Through this person, I could genuinely see the goodness of this method which I had just stumbled upon.

Again, I made a very important decision: If he could do it, I could do it.

I went home from that class with the resolve to prove this method out for myself. I decided that I would demonstrate the ability to manifest something significant by releasing only, thus proving that I could use this method successfully.

I decided that I would manifest $20,000. I spent the evening using my newly-learned tools to knock out any pictures and feelings I had that were contrary to my goal.

All it took was one evening. In fact, I became so released of thought… so hootless about having it or not… that I ended up completely forgetting I had set the goal.

About three weeks later, I received a letter in the mail from some lawyer who said there was a settlement (unknown to me) that I was included in and I would expect to see a check for $19,600.

That was all the proof I needed. Ever since that day, I’ve used the same process of releasing to continue achieving goal after goal.

I haven’t had to work ever since.

The one key thing that I proved to myself was that everything in life is a decision. Once a decision — a strong intention — is made, everything else falls into place. When you have the tools of releasing at your disposal, the how-to makes itself apparent and everything takes care of itself.

In a followup post, I will go into more detail on how to recognize the decisions you’re making and how to use releasing to turn your pictures around.