Those of us who have made releasing a way of life look forward to every seven day retreat. There is absolutely nothing on earth like the experience these retreats provide.

Even the most fabulous dream vacation pales in comparison to the magic that happens at a retreat because the positive energy is so high, so extremely loving, and joyous.

They’re aptly referred to as intensives because the entire focus is on opportunities to release morning, noon and night. Larry Crane is the moderator so we even get to listen to his ‘jokes’ for a whole 7 days at no extra charge.

During these retreats many memorable incidents can occur. At times the laughter just spontaneously erupts like the gush from a freshly uncorked bottle of champagne. The atmosphere can sometimes affect the entire group with a happiness and joy that is totally contagious. I have seen participants laughing so hard they just couldn’t even sit in their chairs, rolling on the floor seemed to be more comfortable.

I have seen people walk who haven’t done so in decades. Physical maladies can just dissolve. Crutches are dropped, the physical ones as well as the emotional/mental ones.

An 87 year old woman came to the last Christmas retreat wearing an oxygen mask and confined to a wheelchair, she was barely coherent and by New Year’s Eve was dancing with her beloved husband.

The love acts as a catalyst to allow us drop inner barriers and helps to actualize who and what we are truly meant to be- whole, complete, loving and free.

There is a word called ‘entrainment’ that is used in physics and applicable to many situations. It was originally observed by a Dutch scientist is 1665. He noted that when two or more pendulum clocks were hung on the same wall near each other the pendulums would eventually swing at the same rate.

The effect of entrainment seems to occur during a retreat. The positive loving energy builds and builds as we release together. The momentum builds and it becomes easier and easier to drop major issues, to release past experiences and limiting thoughts. Meanwhile we are basking in a joyfulness and peace unlike ever before.

The strong effect of harmony and synergy among participants promotes a consciousness of unity and oneness, a sense of profound gratitude at being privileged to share our enfoldment together.

Lester Levensen said “Don’t release to get high; get high to release.” This is exactly the opportunity that a retreat affords us.