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Most people have buried their dreams. Let’s do something different. Like the old song goes, “Get the dreams out, dust them off, and start all over again.” Do it now, don’t wait, and don’t allow any excuses. Pull those dreams out, blow the dust off, and start again fresh – right now.

Right now, if you’re having difficulty accessing the three things you would like to have, do, or be, it’s because long ago you took your ego at its word when it said your dreams are impossible, and you shoved them out of sight.

The ego/mind said it’s impossible and furnished you with a long list of reasons why it’s impossible in the form of “I cant’s.”

Have you ever seen someone with no legs and no arms and they live a life of “I can?” I’m sure you have. Have you every seen someone with physical difficulties (maybe blindness, paralysis, or maybe even Steven Hawking) and they live a full, rewarding life of “I can?” I’m sure you have.

Now let go of the “I can’t.” Drop it. Let go of the “I won’t.” Drop it. Behind any “I won’t” is fear. To you, that fear may seem as big as the great outdoors. For some people, the fear seems so painfully overwhelming that they quickly stuff their lifelong dreams right back into the suppression hide out.

The good news is, since you’re the owner and you did it, you can take it out. You can drop that fear. You can drop that fear right now.