Chances are, it’s not what you think it is. What is it then? What’s the hold back? What’s holding you back from having, doing, and being everything and anything in your life?

Here’s The Truth Of It: You can have everything and anything you want. You can do anything and everything you want. You can be anything and everything you want. You Are Unlimited. Whatever your mind/ego is saying about that right now probably isn’t positive is it? Your ego spends it’s time convincing you, and me, and everyone else on the planet, that we are this limited body/mind/ego.

Our ego is all about reminding us of limitation and selling us on the impossibles. It says, I can’t, I won’t, and lines up all the reasons why and why not. Back to the question: What’s in the way of you having? What’s holding you back? What’s in the way of you having, doing, being all you would like to have, do or be? Again, that ego/mind is very likely rattling-on about it right now. It’s lining up all of your “I can’ts”.

Let’s check it out. Think of three things you would like to have, do, or be in your life. And, no suppressing allowed. Releasing is about un-suppressing. Releasing is about going into the subconscious mind and rooting out all of the suppressed thoughts and feelings and letting them go forever. Releasing Is About Deleting The Mental Viruses Gumming Up Your Computer. It’s Those Mental Viruses That Are Your “I Can’ts” Right now, if you’re having difficulty accessing the three things you would like to have, do, or be, it’s because long ago you took your ego at its word when it said your dreams are impossible, and you shoved them out of sight.

The ego/mind said it’s impossible, and furnished you with a long list of reasons why it’s impossible in the form of, “I can’ts”. Let’s look at a few examples. I would like to be independently wealthy. I can’tbecause I don’t have the right job. I can’t because I don’t have the right qualifications. I can’t because I don’t know how to do it. I can’t because I was raised to be a person who has to work hard for my money. I can’t because it’s beyond my grasp. I can’t because I don’t have the right formula. I can’t because I’ve failed too many times. I can’t because I’ve been beaten down by life.

Take a look. If you’re not independently wealthy and would like to be, what’s your I can’t? I can’t because….(fill in the blank). Here’s another example. I would like to be completely, vibrantly healthy right now. I can’t because I’m sick right now. I can’t because the doctors told me I have (XYZ diagnosis). I can’t because the MRI said I have this problem. I can’t because I have a family history of this (diagnosis). I can’t because I’m old, and weak, and sickly. I can’t because I’m overweight. I can’t because I’ve tried everything and I can’t kick this (fill in the blank) habit I have. I can’t because I take 14 prescription drugs every day.

Check. What is it for you? If you’re not at the top of your game, fully energized and glowingly healthy, what’s standing in your way? What is your “I can’t”? I can’t because…Another example: I would like to have a loving relationship. I can’t because I’ve been married for too many years and I’m stuck with it. I can’t because I’m not a loving person. I can’t because I’m from a family that wasn’t loving. I can’t because I really don’t know how to love. I can’t because I can’t find the right mate. I can’t because I’ve been burned too many times. I can’t because no one really likes me. I can’t because deep down I can’t trust people. Please look at your, I can’t, about relationships: I can’t have a satisfying, warm, loving relationship because…(fill in the blank)

Now, Let’s Take A Hard, Honest Look At This Entire Subject. First of all, most people have buried their dreams. Let’s do something different. Like the old song goes, get the dreams out, dust them off and start all over again. Do it now. Don’t wait. Don’t allow any excuses. Pull those dreams out. Blow the dust off. And start again, fresh, right now. Do I hear an “I can’t” going on? C’mon. Yes you CAN. Sure you can. You can do it. Each Time We Say, “I Can’t,” There Follows A “Because” Every “because” is followed by an excuse. Excuses are a limitation, cooked up by your ego. Baloney. That’s what you have to say to every excuse. Drill down on every excuse and you will see it is not true. You only think it’s true, because you have listened to your mind, and piled-up “I can’ts” on top of “I can’ts”. Your ego has brainwashed you on it.

Fact Is, Those Excuses Are Bold-Faced Lies. They’re nonsense cover-ups. They’re bogus alibis, every single one of them. They’re fake. They’re false. Every I can’t is, in actuality, a decision that says, I won’t. Check it out. Don’t believe it. Look at it and see. Every I can’t means, I won’t. And, every I won’t is followed by an excuse, which is a lie. I won’t…because… and then the lie.

Have you seen someone with no legs and no arms and they live a life of I can? Have you seen someone with physical difficulties maybe blindness, maybe paralysis, maybe even a Steven Hawking, and they live a full, rich, rewarding life of I can? How do paraplegics participate in high-level sporting events? How do people who have lost limbs learn alpine skiing—even competitive skiing? They do it because they overcame I can’t. They do it because they let go of all the excuses their mind came up with. They let go of all the excuses—the mental viruses other people’s minds pushed off on them. They let go of all the excuses—the viruses—they got from society’s mind—all of which were cleverly conjured up to block them from achieving their dream.

They do it because they overcame I won’t, and they proclaimed I will do it. I can do it and I will do it.

They do not let I can’t and I won’t defeat them and their dreams. Think of something, no matter how outlandish your mind tells you it is, think of something you would like to have, do or be. It’s probably an old dream you long since stuffed into a deep, dark corner of the suppression chamber. Welcome that dream into your awareness. What do you see?

Now let go of the, I can’t. Drop it. Let go of the, I won’t. Drop it. Take a look. What’s there? It’s fear there, isn’t it? Behind any I won’t, is fear. That fear may seem as big as all outdoors to you. For some people, the fear seems so painfully overwhelming they quickly stuff their lifelong dream right back into the suppression hide out.

So There It Is. The Naked Truth. Behind any I can’t is, I won’t, and behind I won’t is fear. Fear, often so seemingly huge, we do not want to look at it I can’t look at the fear. I won’t look at the fear. If I look at the fear it will hurt me. I will cry. I will freak out. I will feel attacked. I will be humiliated, shamed, embarrassed. I will be dragged through the streets in public scorn. I will be reduced to nothing. If I look at that fear, I will die. That’s it! If you let go of I can’t, I won’t, and let go of all that fear, your ego/mind has you tricked into believing you will die.

Let’s clear it up. Your ego will die. And, guess what? You get to live! You get to live the life you were always meant to live. You get to be really alive, unencumbered by all those baloney excuses, lies and limitations imposed by fear. The victim says, fear did it to me. Another ego lie. The fear is your fear, you are the owner of that fear. You put it in—it doesn’t matter when, where or why—you put the fear into your life. Your parents didn’t do it. Your peers didn’t do it. Your spouse didn’t do it. You decided. You were asleep. You were unconscious when you did it, but you did it. The good news is, since you’re the owner and you did it, you can take it out. You can drop that fear. You can drop that fear right now.

You can do it.

Whatever you would like to be, do, or have, you can do it. You can do it starting right now. It’s a decision. Decisions are turning points in our lives, in our days, in each of our moments. We decide to do or not to do something, and in that split second we decide the direction for our life. If you would like to have something, but you have stuffed it because you thought you can’t have it, you can decide right now, “yes,I can have it”. You can do it.

I can do it is an intention. Intention sets your sails. “It’s the set of your sails and not the gales that determines where you go,” said Wilcox. Decide. Have the intention. Determinedly, set your sails and all of the meanest gales will not be able to stop you. Set your sails and land softly at your destination—

you can have your dreams. But first, you must let go of I can’t, I won’t, and the root cause, fear. No matter how overwhelming the fear seems to you. You can release it. Fear is an imposter. Fear is an illusion. Fear is false evidence appearing real. It is not real. It’s a trick. It’s deception. It’s the scary snake in the road that turns out to be a nothing more than a benign chunk of log when you get close enough tosee it in the light of day.

Spend whatever time it takes. List your “I can’ts”. See that those “I can’ts” are really “I won’ts”. See, that behind every “I won’t”, is fear. Welcome the fear. Allow the fear up into your awareness and let it go. We don’t like overwhelming feelings like fear. They don’t feel good to us. We feel bad. That’s the time to discriminate and notice we brought those feelings up for release. We are feeling bad feelings because they are up for release. They want out. All we have to do is let go of resisting the feelings, and allow them to leave. Allow the fear to leave. Do you want to have a new life? Do you want to move from wanting into having? Do you want to drop I can’t, I won’t? Do you want to drop the false evidence appearing real and huge when it’s only just a sham?

It’s a Decision. It’s Up To You!

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