So far in this series, I have talked extensively about the stuck moments that appear on our path to accomplishing the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

So what do we do about the stuckness?

With releasing, you actually embrace these stuck points. With a little practice and momentum, you learn to say, “Oh cool. There’s the stuck point. Great, now I know what’s next to let go of.”

When you learn to welcome all feelings, you come to like it when the stuckness appears. Instead of running away from the resistance, you run through it. Actually, when you embrace the stuckness fully, you find that you really just float through it. It becomes so easy.

A lot of releasers, especially when they come to a seven-day event, learn to harness their momentum.

Believe it or not, they really like these stuck points… “Oh, I’m really getting some heavy stuff. That means something big is coming up. That’s good.”

Both having the tools AND the willingness to go through it makes all the difference.

But with releasing, you can see it and say, “Oh there I’m stuck,” and get rid of it right in the moment.

All it takes is an awareness of what’s happening, making the commitment, using the releasing tools, and using the support and coaching. With releasing, it can be an hour, a day, whatever. It doesn’t have to be a year.

I notice this difference now with my business goals. From time to time, I found that my business growth would get to the point where it would not have had a shift in a long time. I would find that it stopped growing and would sometimes even get worse.

Right then, I would just do some releasing and often within an hour, I moved through this thing that I had been stuck on for such a long time.

Just through releasing, I would feel instantaneously better. Even though the outer world hasn’t changed right away, I immediately feel much better, more positive, and became at peace about it.

That’s what I love about making the decision to release no matter what’s going on…

The minimum benefit – the very worst-case scenario – is that I feel better about the situation.

Just by releasing, I feel great and happy.

The best-case scenario is that the situation transforms very quickly to my liking.

Stay tuned for part four of this series where I explain how to get the best scenario to unfold in everything you do.