I concluded part three of this series by demonstrating how when you apply releasing to break through the stuck moments in your life that, even in the worst case, you get to win.

So the worse case with releasing is really good.

Let me explain further…

When I identify where I’m stuck and I decide to release the stuckness, what I’m looking for is the state that Lester calls “imperturbability.” I’m letting go of being bothered regardless of whether the situation turns around or not.

The moment I’m releasing my own feelings about the situation and that I’m done with it, I feel great and just have a knowing that it’s going to work out. I end up with a peaceful, detached, neutral feeling about the whole thing.

I’m just not concerned about it anymore.

It’s hard to describe. I just feel okay about it and know it’s going to be perfect.

If you really want a personal experience of what this feels like, come to a live class.

The great thing about coming to the basic weekend course is that we tackle this stuff the very first evening. We take a very close look at the nature of stuckness and, in a very experiential way, learn how to handle this deep stuff.

You get to be at peace with whatever your goal is. When you’re at peace with every single feeling involved with your goal, you’re infinitely more powerful.

You’ve reached the state shared by a Tiger Woods or a Michael Jordan. They’re at peace with their goals. Of course they would like to win, but they’re at peace.

Generally, the great athletes are very detached and very peaceful. They’re in a state they call, The Zone.

That’s where you want to be about everything. Generally, it’s a winning feeling.

That’s what I searched for in 12 years of living in Japan, practicing karate. I wanted to learn how to get that feeling on command – to get to that elusive Zone that the great athletes talk about.

In normal life, that’s a very difficult thing to do, but just by exercising my releasing tools, I can get to that zone at will. I used to occasionally stumble into that zone previously, but it wasn’t until I got into releasing that I was really able to control that state consciously and effortlessly.

Anybody can do it.

Believe me… with the right tools, the ability to achieve greatness is simple and effortless.